Biden Admin’s Latest Subsidy Proposal May Undercut Its Own Green Energy Agenda

From The Daily Caller NICK POPECONTRIBUTOR The Biden administration proposed eligibility rules for hydrogen industry subsidies Friday, but some conditions may ultimately stymie innovation and production of the technology, Bloomberg…

Scottish battery factory goes bust in fresh blow to UK’s net zero industry

Eventually they might work out that you cannot create jobs by government diktat!

Climate Advocacy: Incompetence Versus Intentional Fraud — Lazard Edition

The Lazard LCOE Reports are famous for their repeated conclusion that wind turbines and solar panels have become the cheapest sources for generation of electricity.

‘Misleading’: Red State AG Slaps BlackRock with Lawsuit for Allegedly Harming Consumers

BlackRock has agreed to use all of the assets in their portfolio to push the net-zero agenda

From Now To 2100 Emission Reduction Policy Costs Greatly Exceed Any Net Benefit from Averted Warming

The benefits of not meeting Paris Accord emissions-reduction targets outweigh the costs associated even with worst-case-scenario global warming throughout the 21st century.

100-Year-Old Union-Backed Law Among Snags Derailing Biden’s Green Energy Agenda

The Jones Act requires that American-made and staffed ships carry wind turbine parts to offshore farm sites, according to the WSJ.

House Republicans Demand Answers From Key Energy Dept Official Subsidizing Green Companies Following DCNF Report

The DCNF reported in November that the LPO had reached a conditional commitment to loan Li-Cycle, a battery recycling company, $375 million while the company was allegedly defrauding investors.

No Amount Of Subsidies Will Ever Make A Wind/Solar Electricity System Economically Feasible

Of course consumers are never voluntarily going to pay $2 for energy that can be had for $1.

ZEV Mandate Cannot Be Enforced With Foreign Manufacturers, Say DfT

It seems naive in the extreme for the Government to just assume that BMW, Renault and all the rest would willingly cave in to UK demands. But that just about…

Some More Energy Reality In New York City

So, how is it going? The answer is that this effort is an unmitigated disaster. Let’s look into the details.

Net Zero Electricity Fantasies to Cost British Consumers £100 Billion Over Next Six Years

Net Zero electricity taxes and levies are set to cost British consumers almost £100 billion over the next six years, according to the latest official figures from the Office for Budget Responsibility…

Blue State Residents Are Paying Way More For Energy Than Red States, New Report Shows

Residents of blue states with aggressive climate policies are paying significantly more for electricity and fuel than red states, according to a new report by the American Legislative Exchange Council…

Major Setback for German Green Transformation as Top Court Rules Funding Unconstitutional!

Germany’s Ministry of Economics and Environment is suddenly missing $60 billion euros it had planned to use to finance the many green transformation projects. Germany’s climate program has just crashed…

Solar Power Auction Prices Raised By 30%

£61/MWh works out at about £85/MWh, which gives the lie to repeated claims of just how cheap solar power is.

Green Bloodbath: Major Industries Closing Down As German Energy Prices Soar

From the NoTricksZone By P Gosselin Germany’s “Blackout News” reports the destructive consequences of Germany’s soaring energy prices and unstable power supply.  Chart: BDEW German electricity 3 times more expensive Firstly Blackout News reports how…

Claim: $5.9 Trillion Government Money Grab Required for Climate Action

According to the Lowy Institute, “Misplaced faith in private sector solutions delays the redistribution of trillions…”

Awkward – Canada creates a brand-new fossil fuel subsidy just in time for COP28, a reminder that sticks hurt and carrots are healthy

Energy illiteracy is the slow-moving black plague of our time.

As The Transition to Green Energy Crumbles, Funding for The Climate Scare Soars

…global spending to fight climate change by environmental groups and other nonprofits reached $8 billion in 2021

The Great Green Crash – Solar Down 40%

When climate advocates say “Net Zero”, are they actually referring to how much cash green investors will have left when the last bubble bursts?

Orsted Mulling Private Power Deals for Hornsea

Despite Orsted’s protestations, there is an increasing likelihood that they will pull the plug on Hornsea.

Will China pay climate change “loss and damage”?

In the meantime, the issue of China paying looks pretty impossible. China has said it does not want any of the aid, but that does not resolve the glaring fact…

Ørsted Abandons New Jersey Wind Projects

“Macroeconomic factors have changed dramatically over a short period of time, with high inflation, rising interest rates, and supply chain bottlenecks impacting our long-term capital investments,”

Forbes: Climate Policy Hurts the Poor More than Climate Change

Have we all just entered a parallel universe where mainstream media publishes articles which make sense?

Offshore Wind Demands £95/MWh

There never was any intention trigger those contracts, instead wind farm owners always planned to sell at much higher prices on the open market.

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