Heavier EV’s not funding California Roadways

Newsom’s silence on how California will finance the billions of dollars for the roads being used by those heavier EV’s is an indication that he will just pass that problem…

Great Car Reset: Biden’s EPA to release strict new fed emissions standard to ‘move U.S. car market decisively toward electric vehicles’ – ‘Up to 2/3’ of cars sold mandated to be EV by 2032

…the only result is going to be shortages of cars and a completely altered used car market. You can look to Cuba to find out what it’s like to have…

Waning Electric Vehicle Demand? Lucid Cuts 1300 Workers

Lucid, a startup which manufactures high end luxury EVs, reports demand has fallen short of expectations.

EU abandons ban of combustion engine cars – Britain needs to follow suit

Net Zero Watch is calling on Rishi Sunak to follow suit and abandon its 2030 ban of the sale of ICE cars.

Germany Rebels Against EU Ban on Petrol Cars

A growing backlash over climate-friendly policies is now hitting the German Greens, putting wobbles into the country’s three-party ruling coalition.

Scottish Couple Plan to Drive “From Pole to Pole” in an Electric Vehicle

They plan to bring a portable wind turbine to charge the vehicle when sunlight is unavailable.

Former FEMA Heads Warn EV Manufacturers are Compromising Safety

AM radios are long range, resilient means for FEMA to communicate federal disaster alerts. But EV manufacturers are removing them, because EV motors generate radio noise which impedes reception.

243 Aussie EVs Deregistered for Not Paying their Road Users Tax

Aussie EV drivers in the state of Victoria are supposed to photograph their mileage for the tax man every year, so they can be charged for using the roads.

Sydney Mayor: “…We Must Help Motorists Make the Shift” to EVs

City based greens, like the Lord Mayor of Sydney, think Australia is electric vehicle ready, that all people need is a little help to make the transition. The reality is…

EU Puts Continent on Fast Track to Zero… New Fossil Fuel Cars to Be Banned By 2035!

There isn’t going to be any soft landing for this reckless blind leap by the EU.

EVs Are Failing To Break Into Mass Market

The simple reality is that there is only limited demand for the upmarket cars currently dominating the EV sector; and many of these sales are for company cars, bought mainly…

Breezes and Sunshine to charge Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s EV’s

nslee is demonstrating his visionary limitations, as he cannot see the ugly side of his wind, solar, and EV mandated world.

Can We Make Flying “Green”?

What can we do to reduce the carbon footprint of air travel?

British Volt Collapses into Administration

This whole saga is a reminder that you don’t create jobs through government diktat. Promises of hundreds of thousands of green jobs are simply a mirage.

Electric car makers put the brakes on UK production because they are too expensive to sell

EVs offer nothing to the vast majority of the driving public, and it is hard to see any real breakthrough arriving anytime soon.

Eco Numpties Unhappy with Charging Costs

Rapid charge points used by motorists topping up on long drives are now nearly £10 more expensive than filling up a car with petrol, analysis by motoring body the RAC…

The Coming Future of Electric Vehicles: Something Here Does Not Add Up

So where is the surge in generation capacity to support a 30% or so additional need for electricity to electrify all cars?

Green Energy Revolution? Oil Use Growing at a Million Barrels per Day Per Year

Other than the Covid lockdown dip, there is no evidence of a drop in demand for oil.

Tesla Fined by South Korea for Exaggerating Cold Weather Range

Who could have guessed battery performance would plummet in cold weather?

Global Holiday Chaos: Long Queues as Tesla Drivers Overwhelm Charge Points

Tesla fans all over the world are learning the hard way they should have bought a hybrid or a second vehicle.

Joe Rogan: EXPOSES The Battery Mining Industry!! EXTREME Problems in The Harshest Conditions !?!

Joe Rogan & Siddharth Kara discuss the insane contains that the people in the Congo face while mining Cobalt.

Melbourne Felling Trees to Improve Access for “Green” Postal Deliveries

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne – another case of destroying trees to save nature?

The Mirage of Electric Vehicles

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach For those who think that electric vehicles make a difference … think again. The Department of Energy’s Argonne National Lab has just released a study…

Deadly E-Bikes: Four Explosions in New York Every Week

BREAKING NEWS – 38 people have been injured in a New York e-Bike fire. “These bikes when they fail, they fail like a blowtorch,” said Dan Flynn, the chief fire…

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