“Many Will Die”: Climate Scientists Respond to COP28 Fiasco

The usual wailing and wild statements we’ve come to expect in the wake of the annual COP failure.

Mann: “climate deniers are endanging you, your children, and your grandchildren”

So what should be done about these dangerous deniers?

Monday Mirthiness – Mike Mann’s Hockey Team ‘will keep those papers out somehow’

Another story about ‘scientists’ trying to bury papers and evidence they don’t like. It’s Climategate deja vu.

Mann’s Twitter Mania is Embarrassing

Sorry Buddy. She’s out of your league.

Oh No – The Guardian is too Climate Alarmist even for Michael Mann

WUWT recently covered a Guardian claim that “total climate meltdown cannot be stopped”. It turns out this claim is too pessimistic, even for climate scientist Michael Mann.

Claim: Skyrocketing Gasoline Price Inflation is Michael Mann’s Fault

Includes video; In an interview with Megyn Kelly, Libertarian Alex Epstein has accused Climate Scientist Michael Mann of triggering a cascade of events which led to today’s gasoline price horror…

Old Mann Yells at Cloud-Sunday Funday

John Cook: Climate Deniers Falsely Claim Activists are Anti-Freedom

Quoted in a USA Today call for social media censorship, John Cook, who once thought it amusing to self portrait himself as a NAZI officer, is outraged people could believe…

Climate Scientist Michael Mann Denies He is a Sex Symbol

In the wake of Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in “Don’t Look Up”, Michael Mann has gone all coy about whether DiCaprio’s portrayal fully corresponds with his life as a scientist whose…

Michael Mann slams Morano as ‘One of the worst fossil fuel industry funded professional climate change deniers’ – Calls ‘just so dangerous’

Greta’s heart is completely in the right place, she’s a real leader, and the youth climate movement has been such an important factor in why we’re seeing the progress that…

Washington Post: Google Busted Supporting Climate Heresy

According to the Center for Countering Digital Hate, Google is failing to honour their pledge to prevent climate deniers from purchasing advertising space on the Google advertising platform.

The Tragedy of the Climate Wars

Consistently demonizing those who think differently than you makes it harder, if not impossible, to forge alliances.

Bloomberg: Nowhere is Safe from the Climate Apocalypse

The recent resurrection of the “Day After Tomorrow” warming causes cooling scenario has panicked climate alarmists, who until recently thought they could ride out the apocalypse by moving somewhere cold.

Michael Mann: Carbon Shaming Celebrity Climate Hypocrites is a Big Oil Plot

According to Mann, whenever we point out the private jet traffic jams at climate conferences, or Clown Prince Harry’s latest green PR disaster, its all part of a sinister big…

Michael Mann Issues Traditional COP26 Last Chance Climate Warning

Following on from his “last chance” warnings in 2015, another 2015 and 2020, Michael Mann wants us to understand that COP26 really is our last chance to address the climate…

Monday Mirthiness: Mann thrice loses, but is going to court anyway! (wellll, maybe)

From Mark Steyn’s opinion piece today at steynonline.com You’re Once, Twice, Three Times a Loser…Michael E Mann, Loser (Again) (and Again) ~Global warm-monger Michael E Mann’s defamation suit against me…

Bill Nye on Climate Deniers: “There’s an old saying — ‘science proceeds one funeral at a time’, … but it’s not happening fast enough.”

The Collegian, a Penn State University student publication, laments that there are still ageing contrarians and climate deniers who dispute the work of the great Michael Mann.

NSW Climate Floods? Greens Now Furiously Opposing Flood Control Efforts

Through causing panic by telling everyone climate change is making floods worse, Michael Mann may have inadvertently triggered the destruction of hundreds of square miles of pristine protected NSW wilderness.

Michael Mann: Reduce CO2 Emissions to Restore Climate Stability in Australia

Apparently Anthropogenic CO2 is responsible for Australia’s wild weather swings between drought and flood. But “it’s not too late to forestall a dystopian future that alternates between Mad Max and…

OECD Chooses “Climate Inactivist” Mathias Cormann as their New Head

A rare victory for fiscal sanity; A few days ago WUWT reported on the desperate green objections to “climate inactivist” and fiscal conservative Mathias Cormann’s bid for the OECD top…

Michael Mann Urges OECD to Reject “Climate Inactivist” Mathias Cormann’s Leadership Bid

Michael Mann and other greens are horrified the new OECD head might be former Aussie minister Mathias Corman, whom they describe as a “climate inactivist”.

Friday Funny: The Folly of Mann

Ted Nordhaus takes no prisoners in the article on our favorite foil, when Mann starts to diss even people on his own side of the aisle. His subtitle sums it…

Michael Mann: Russian Web Bots are Causing Climate Activists to Fight Each Other

According to Michael Mann, the main obstacle to climate action is a coalition of Russian robots, Saudis, fossil fuel tycoons, Rupert Murdoch, Wikileaks and climate deniers.

Michael Mann Upset WUWT Picked on Greta Thunberg

Despite leaking the secret plans of her revolutionary comrades in India, or triggering a cascade of international airline flights with her frantic personal efforts to avoid flying, Greta really cares…

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