The Cult of Darkness

From MasterResource By Edward Hudgins — December 22, 2023 “Energy is not for conserving; it is for unleashing to serve us, to make our lives better, to allow us to…

They are coming for your car. An insurance insider speaks out.

As Geoff says – “How else could this be used, who are the people that are going to be using it, and do we trust them?”

Convicts, cars, rats and the best program you’ve never heard of – lessons for energy

That is what can cause one to lose their mind by following energy too closely; the possibility for fantastically productive ‘and’ solutions is not encouraged, it is discouraged. We need…

Bone-Chilling: Last Christmas, the U.S. narrowly averted an energy disaster that would have decimated New York City and killed thousands

Put short, policymakers ignore the importance of the gas pipeline system at our extreme peril.

World Leaders Ignore Growing Safety Issues with Green Energy

It’s clear that world leaders are ignoring the growing safety problems of green energy. But these fears must be pushed aside in favor of Climatism, the fear of human-caused global…

In Denial about the Science – Part 2, ARC in London

If Western civilisation is to persist, it needs more than anything else to save its science, because otherwise our civilisation will be conquered and replaced.

The Jupiter Effect: The Hubris of Green Central Planners

Leaders who believe they can command the forces of nature and the global economy with edicts and decrees are bound to face the harsh realities of the world

Superfund Cleanups Descend Into Uncertainty

Now confusion will reign, cleanups will be delayed, and responsible corporations will balk at undertaking costly cleanups.

Truth and Science: A Nobel Laureate’s Advice to Students

By Ron Barmby Dr. John Clauser is an experimental physicist of the highest order. His 2022 Nobel Prize in physics is enough to make him one of the preeminent scientists…

AI Part II: Power-hungry AI data systems will follow cheap, reliable energy, no matter what the fuel is

…the world’s AI machinery will come to life in whatever corner of the world that stands ready with an industrial site and a reliable power source.

The Wolf and the Lamb — Alimonti et al. 2022

I had hoped that with climate science had gotten beyond this sort of tragic misbehavior.  The silence of other scientists in the field has been  even more appalling that the…

Modeling the Universe

“In cosmology, a plausible explanation of the history of the universe has formed by making simple assumptions about stuff we know nothing about — dark matter and dark energy —…

Why Your Local Newspaper and TV Station Get Climate Facts Wrong

The Climate News – found on the front pages and in the climate/environment sections of your newspaper, magazines, news broadcasts, and the push feed from your social media sites is…

Some Concerns about the Recent Republican Debate

The fact that so many believe in the false climate crisis makes Dick Lindzen, perhaps the leading authority on geophysical fluid dynamics, look more and more like a prophet:

The Climategate Gang Rides Again!

The renewed and reinforced Climategate Gang has risen once more, bullying Springer Nature Publishing into retracting a peer-reviewed paper by colluding with the climate crisis news cabal, featuring The Guardian,…

EXCLUSIVE: President Joe Biden’s ‘Climate Emergency’ Declaration Speech in Maui

But, the left’s mantra has been “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Facts simply don’t matter to them.

Confusion about Confabulations

“Finally, these programs are not sentient, they simply use massive amounts of text to predict one word after another, and their outputs may mix truth with patently false statements called…

Doubts About Droughts

“Drought is a complicated phenomenon, and can be hard to define. One difficulty is that drought means different things in different regions. A drought is defined depending on the average amount…

Comments On The Insanity Of EPA’s New Power Plant Rule

These proposed methods to allow combustion power plants to continue to exist are not real and can never work. EPA intends to force the closure of all such electricity generation…

The Evil of Climate Alarmism: Dissecting Michael Walsh’s: Hoax of the Millennium

The bugbear du jour is “emissions,” a nebulous, one-size-scares-all excuse imposing an otherwise clearly insane policy on a body politic that has never once voted to starve itself to death.

The Potential Looming Auto Industry Fiasco

But sanity is forbidden in the west. It is EV or nothing. Infrastructure be damned. Investment be damned. Popular demand be damned. 

Wasting Time with Climate Science?

Here I ask a simple question.  Are we all wasting our time with climate science?  Reading about it, writing about it, worrying about it, fighting about it, arguing about it.

Hey Look, Solutions to All the World’s Big Problems with the Napkins to Prove It! Now Send Money.

The vision will be just like every other theory that over-simplistically solves a world problem. Don’t buy it. There are no shortcuts.

Big Blow to UK’s Green Dreams as Costs Skyrocket

The race to net zero is leading us into a financial quicksand, sucking in vast resources for a future that will never materialize as envisaged.

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