Happy End: Chile Will No Longer Have A Climate Constitution… For Now

Against all odds, Chile was once again saved from having a new Constitution (12/17/23) soaked with progressist footprints and DNA of the UN’s ‘Agenda 2030’ that also included a climate…

U.S. Climate 2023 Year in Review – In one word: NORMAL

The year is not quite in the books, but it is late enough that we can have a look-back at this year’s weather and climate extremes.

COP 28: Climate Hysteric Peter Kalmus Has the Sads

like a script from a dystopian drama where the villains are fossil fuels, and the heroes are, well, apparently not the attendees of COP28.

Reason is Right, There is No ‘Climate Cliff’

“it is good, although not surprising, news that when the world passes through the 1.5 C target, it will not be plunging to its death over a climate cliff.”

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #580

“I apologize for writing such a long letter, but I didn’t have time to write a short one.” – Mark Twain

ICEBREAKER Wind Dead: Great Lakes Alive

…now Icebreaker faces the somewhat predictable lack of financial and environmental viability, no matter which way you slice it.

Time to Bring Nuclear Energy Into the 21st Century

The silver lining of this month’s United Nations COP28 global warming conference is the growing consensus that nuclear energy is critical to meeting national carbon dioxide reduction goals.

The Diplomat: The World is Ignoring Afghanistan’s Climate Investment Needs

According to The Diplomat, restarting climate finance for Afghanistan will help Afghan people and will also help moderate the brutality of the Taliban.

El Bosque—a village overtaken by rising sea levels?

The last residents of a coastal Mexican town destroyed by climate change —  Flooding has destroyed the Mexican town of El Bosque….The first step in looking at this problem is…

Climate attribution method overstates “fingerprints” of external forcing

Which means that the past 20 years worth of “signal detection” claims are likely meaningless unless steps were taken in the original articles to prove the suitability of TLS or…

Churchill end-of-season problem polar bear reports finally published

From Polar Bear Science Susan Crockford Today the Town of Churchill finally published the final problem bear reports of the season, which presents an opportunity to do a quick comparison to…

Climate Advocacy: Incompetence Versus Intentional Fraud — Lazard Edition

The Lazard LCOE Reports are famous for their repeated conclusion that wind turbines and solar panels have become the cheapest sources for generation of electricity.

Emergency in China as temperatures hit lowest levels ever

China’s president Xi Jinping called for an “all-out” emergency response to the cold snap that began at the start of the week.

‘Misleading’: Red State AG Slaps BlackRock with Lawsuit for Allegedly Harming Consumers

BlackRock has agreed to use all of the assets in their portfolio to push the net-zero agenda

Art + Activism: Right Action, Wrong Reason

Cortada seems to believe  that “By 2100,[according to the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact project] … local sea levels will rise somewhere between two and eight feet.”   So, he has…

Biden’s Dam Removal Plan and Its Impact on Electrical Supply

The hydroelectric dams in question are not just sources of renewable energy; they are also vital contributors to grid inertia.

Brendan O’Neill: COP28 and the scourge of eco-imperialism

…but for billions of people such stations are the difference between life and death, light and dark, food and no food.

NASA GISS Data Shows 2023 EL Nino Driving Global Temperature Anomaly Increases; NOAA Data Shows U.S. Nov. 2023 Temperature Anomaly Declining

…deliberately concealing the specific numerical value of such differences and instead hyping these carefully hidden small differences as being “a new monthly record for heat” and the “hottest November” even when the latest…

Biden Admin Unveils Green Jet Fuel Subsidy Rules In Win For Big Corn

…not going to do much for global warming, but it will do quite a lot to benefit the renewable fuel industry and it will also indirectly benefit corn price

Claim: GM Crops are Not the Solution to Climate Change

Political ecologists worrying that the EU is embracing genetic engineering to protect food supplies from global warming.

Correct, Hot Air, Premature Coal Closures Pose a Serious Threat to Grid Stability

…shutting down functioning, reliable, megawatt fossil fuel plants ≠ enough power when you need it.

Open Thread

West-Wide Energy Corridor (WWEC): Revisions

Figure 1. Electrical grid substation Kevin Kilty In remarks made at the Bipartisan Policy Center in May, 2023, John Podesta, a senior advisor in the Biden/Harris administration, spoke about revising…

Down Memory Lane

 Courtesy of Josh and Net Zero Watch, a trip back down memory lane, from COP13 to COP28, the “breakthroughs” followed by the “cold light of day!:

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