Wrong, CNN, Climate Change Isn’t the Cause of Rising Bear Attacks in Japan

CNN’s attempt to tie the increase in bear attacks in Japan to climate change is misguided at best and intentionally misleading at worst.

Wrong, Washington Post, Warming Hasn’t Harmed African Crop Production

Ethiopian cereal production increased 467 percent; Yields increased 112 percent; All-time production records were broken 9 times between 2011-2021.

No, CNN, Climate Change is Not Costing the U.S. Billions

Not only has extreme weather not become worse in the United States over time, but the NCA report and CNN both ignore myriad the other factors, like population growth and…

L A Times Article Reveals California Changed Designation of “Clean Energy” to Enhance its Political Influence at COP28

The L A Times article is full of hand waving climate alarmist politically contrived propaganda claims and assertions that are unsupported by well establish and extensively available energy and climate…

New Antarctic All-Time Cold Record Flies in the Face of Media Reporting

It has been a busy year at the bottom of the world, from hot to cold with climate change in the middle of it all for the blame by media.…

L A Times Falsely Hypes El Nino Driven Modest Global Temperature Increases as “Record-Hot” Climate Change Outcomes

The. L A Times climate alarmists flawed claims that global anomaly increased temperature levels are “hot” or “hottest” are grossly misleading and based on considering only temperature anomaly increases while…

The Pilgrims and the Little Ice Age

Guest “implied face palm” by David Middleton How Is This science? Why the Thanksgiving myth persists, according to science Memory often favors a tidy narrative over the messier reality of…

BBC: Why We Are Still Searching for Fossil Fuels?

Perhaps next time the BBC might get a journalist who actually understands the energy sector to present Panorama programmes on fossil fuels.

Gulf Stream Collapse Scare Debunked by Royal Society

Many of the scare tactics employed by mainstream media and green activists are given weight by the IPCC’s suggestion that the AMOC will weaken in future as “very likely”.

No, WABE, Climate is Not Making the State of Georgia “Vulnerable”

An opinion piece by radio station WABE in Georgia asserts that Georgia is among the states most vulnerable to climate change. This is no evidence suggesting that Georgia is, in…

L A Times Fails to Comprehend the Difference between “Average Temperature Anomaly” & “Absolute Maximum Temperature” Climate Data

… the Times can’t seem to get it right in understanding the critical differences between “average temperature anomaly” and “maximum absolute temperature” data.

Dr. Jim Advises Panic

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I see that my favorite serially failed climate doomcaster, Dr. James Hansen, is at it again. Accompanied by his usual Greek chorus of co-sycophants, he’s…

CNN Peddles Alarm About Western Antarctica Melting

A recent article posted by CNN claims that western Antarctica is melting rapidly and can’t be stopped, due to human-caused global warming, which will result in a dangerous rise ocean…

Los Angeles Times Misrepresents California Central Valley “Weather” as “Climate”

These flawed summer of 2023 claims have been shown to be false based on NOAA maximum temperature data measurement that climate alarmists failed to address and evaluate as was the…

Floods & Tornadoes in 1954 and What Caused Severe Floods in the 1950ss, Sky News

Maybe they might like to explain why flooding was so bad in the 1950s:

Sacramento Bee Won’t Attribute Mild Wildfire Season to Climate Change, Falsely Claims the Inverse

The best explanations then for regional upticks in fires are differences in forest management practices, arson, as well as improper maintenance of power lines in the case of California, or combinations of factors that…

Allison Pearson: The public is wiser than the net zero hysterics

Spare a thought for the BBC’s climate editor. He appeared to be having conniptions on News at Ten

UK Migratory Birds ‘in freefall’ over Climate Change–BBC

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood h/t Paul Kolk Could this headline be any more fraudulent? British bird lovers will see a very different pattern…

L A Times “Green China” Latest News

…each operating for 25 years to save an amount of coal equivalent to the yearly increase of China’s coal use just between 2021 and 2022. 

“Mind-blowing” Claims of Record Low Antarctica Sea Ice on BBC Contradicted by Statements Made Seven Years Ago

Any unusual variation in weather and natural events is treated as evidence of a climate collapse requiring urgent human intervention. 

Wrong, Euronews, Fire Ants Are Unlikely to Flourish in Most of Europe

Euronews should be able to report on a worrying invasion of fire ants and perhaps offer some solutions without tying their coverage to climate alarm.

Another Stupid Los Angeles Times Climate Alarmist Propaganda Claim

The L A Times can always be counted upon to hype false climate alarmist propaganda devoid of any connection to climate data driven reality. 

Sky Blames Libyan Floods on Climate Change

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood h/t Ian Magness Why is a so-called Science Editor allowed to get away with writing drivel like this? On…

Telegraph Scrapes the Bottom with Latest Climate Scare

Despite its protestations about full editorial control, there is no way the paper would have published such ill researched, manifestly fake news in the past, when it could rightly lay…

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