Claim: Covid Fear is Undermining Climate Friendly Public Transport

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, fear of Covid is causing people to avoid climate friendly public transport. But there may be another explanation.

More Amtrak High-Speed Train Delays

The outdated infrastructure has raised questions about the efficiency and efficacy of such endeavors.

Claim:  Turbulence is Getting Worse due to Climate Change

…none of the news reports contained any actual turbulence data to see if this is actually becoming a problem in a warming world.

A Heavy Dose of Reality for Electric-Truck Mandates

It’s not that we can’t overcome challenges, but we don’t overcome them by pretending they don’t exist

The End of Cheap Flights

It’s the new reality for flying as airlines face a huge decarbonization challenge and tightening climate-compliance laws

Can We Make Flying “Green”?

What can we do to reduce the carbon footprint of air travel?

The Great Travel Reset: Bloomberg: ‘Air Travel a Luxury for Many’ – “Flying has moved upmarket’ – ‘Reduced social mobility’

Certain activities may have to be prohibited. That will easily become anything you enjoy, peasants.

The Battle of the Trucks:  H2 vs. Batteries

“Under pressure to cut emissions, truck manufacturers are choosing between batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. Wagering incorrectly could cost them billions of dollars.”

Business Insider: ‘Electric Vehicles Won’t Save Us — We Need to Get Rid of Cars Completely’

Reposted from Climate Depot Paris Marx writing in Business Insider: “Making transit available within a 10-minute walk of people’s homes would not only encourage its use and create tens of…

UK Government Funded Climate Think Tank Demands Peak Cars by 2030

According to the Institute of Public Policy Research, even Electric Vehicles are not green enough to permit unfettered growth in car ownership.

The Great Covid-19 Bicycle Shortage

Commuters seem to have lost their enthusiasm for being squished into a poorly ventilated box with suspiciously unhealthy looking fellow strangers. The resulting rush for healthier alternatives has triggered an…

ABC Tests an Electric Vehicle in the Australian Countryside

Works great, providing you can afford the expense, don’t hit a strong headwind, and enjoy the adventure of exploring country towns while waiting for a recharge.

In Defence of Plug-in Hybrids

The greens (Transport and Environment and Greenpeace) are now attacking plug-in hybrids, and calling for them to be banned, saying “false claims of lower emissions are a ploy by car…

The FAA Just Approved Amazon Delivery Drones

The FAA just approved Amazon to deliver packages by drone across the United States. But a small scale drone trial in Australia caused such a noise nuisance locals threatened to…

There aren’t enough batteries to electrify all cars — focus on trucks and buses instead

Road transportation is a major consumer of fossil fuels, contributing 16 per cent of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, which warm up the Earth’s atmosphere and cause changes to the…

Coronavirus accelerates the trend of declining US transit ridership

Buses, trains, streetcars, and ferry boats transport more than 27 million people each day in the United States. But U.S. public transit ridership has been declining for the last five…

The Dirty Secrets of “Clean” Electric Vehicles

The widespread view that fossil fuels are “dirty” and renewables such as wind and solar energy and electric vehicles are “clean” has become a fixture of mainstream media and policy…

EV obsession may catch UK automotive ‘sleeping at the wheel’, says Cambria boss

Cambria Automobiles chief executive Mark Lavery has urged his car retail colleagues to lobby Government over an all-out push to Electric Vehicles (EV) which risks catching UK automotive “sleeping at…

Covid-19 Fears Spur More Cars on Roads, Threatening Air Quality

Officials across the nation are worried that as the coronavirus pandemic persists, commuters will avoidtaking buses and trains, and opt for their cars, potentially leading to dangerous new levels of…

Airlines urge UN aviation body to rethink climate measures

From EURACTIV By Chloé Farand | Climate Home News  Apr 7, 2020 (updated:  Apr 7, 2020) Airlines are putting pressure on the UN to make it easier for them to…

Fear of (everybody else) flying

Air travel worsens climate crisis – unless passengers are climate activists and wealthy elites Guest post by Duggan Flanakin Just over a year ago, newly elected U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…

Transportation Climate Initiative Request to Comment

Watts Up With That Guest post by Roger Caiazza, I have previously described the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) framework and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This post summarizes my comments…

The mad rush to electric vehicles

Will this be another disaster for consumers? Duggan Flanakin Tesla’s stock market value is already bigger than Ford and General Motors combined, says a report in Forbes magazine. Elon Musk’s…

Do ‘green’ buses pass the performance test?

Do they even pass basic energy, environmental, economic and human rights tests? Guest post Duggan Flanakin Should Americans follow China in a massive commitment to supposedly eco-friendly battery-electric buses (BEBs)?…

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