El Bosque—a village overtaken by rising sea levels?

The last residents of a coastal Mexican town destroyed by climate change —  Flooding has destroyed the Mexican town of El Bosque….The first step in looking at this problem is…

Art + Activism: Right Action, Wrong Reason

Cortada seems to believe  that “By 2100,[according to the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact project] … local sea levels will rise somewhere between two and eight feet.”   So, he has…

Tuvaluan’s May ‘Escape’ to Australia, but if They Do, Associated Press, It Won’t Be Because of Climate Change

As early as 2010, research showed the small island nations of Tuvalu and Kiribati were growing, rather than being submerged beneath rising seas. 

Hoboken Wisely Improved Water Management, Even Though the New York Times Got the Reason Wrong

The New York Times would do well to remove the climate change alarmist claims from this article, and instead focus on the reality of improving weather resilience to a city that…

Rising Seas and Social Justice

And will the pursuit of equity hold back death and destruction from the deadly Climate Change?

Antarctica’s melting ice shelves have unleashed 7.5 TRILLION tonnes of water into the oceans since 1997–Daily Mail

All of the decline took place between 1997 and 2001. Whatever happened back then, and there must be question mark over the quality of the data then, it certainly is…

Shoreline Management Plans Based On Fake Sea Level Rise Projections

But this figure clearly is not credible, given that sea levels in the region have been rising at less than half that rate, and with no acceleration. Indeed since the…

Nothing To Sea Here Folks

In this “Fact Check” video from the Climate Discussion Nexus, Dr. John Robson expands on our Sea Level Check series to rebut claims of dangerous, accelerating, man-made sea level rise…

Sorry, Guardian and Reuters, Island Nations Have No Climate Case

island nations are not being swamped by rising seas

L A Times Again Hypes Mandated Relocation of Coastal Properties Based on Flawed Sea Level Rise Propaganda

The Times simply ignores the massive scale of extraordinary benefits and accomplishments that have been achieved along the California coastline and proceeds with its purely politically contrived and scientifically unsupported…

Despite Alarmists Denials Statue of Liberty Photos Expose Sea Level Rise Acceleration Failed Projections

The Statue of Liberty standing at the southwestern entrance (New Jersey side) of New York Harbor (Hudson River side) is our Nations most recognized symbol of freedom and hope since…

Flawed Alarmism: Coastal Cliff Erosion in California and the Inaccuracies of Climate Change Projections

Kanik’s article ignores the longstanding problem of coastal cliff erosion

Friday Funny – Planet of the Apes vs. Climate Change

The climate left is fond of showing ginned-up pictures of what sea-level rise would look like in the future. We are barraged with model projections turned into images of flooded…

30 Years of Measuring and Analysing Sea Levels using Satellites

The release of the Sea Level Data up to Jan 2023 marks 30 years of satellite measurements using the quartet of satellites Topex and Jason 1, 2 and 3. It…

More Nonsense About Greenland

Imaginary “tipping points” don’t melt ice, only temperatures above 0°C can do that.

Ungrounded Australian Fears

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach In his recent post entitled Aussie Sea Level Rise Building Permit Chaos, Eric Worrall discussed how people in southern Australia are being prevented from building…

Aussie Sea Level Rise Building Permit Chaos

Local governments attempting to apply new Victorian state sea level rise building permit rules to residential blocks bought in good faith are creating legal chaos.

Science Yields Surprises! Island Nations Growing… “Atoll, Island Stability Is Global Trend”!

It is noteworthy that no island larger than 10 ha decreased in size.

Further Exploration of Historical Sea Level Rise Acceleration

Could we then paraphrase Cassius by saying that the fault dear Brutus is not in our SUVs, but in our dams? 

Sea Level Rise will Cause ‘Mass exodus on a biblical scale’

In UN fantasy, land rising sea levels will cause a mass exodus from London, New York and Shanghai, and “ever fiercer competition” for resources.

The Nation Flounders on Miami Sea-Level Rise Story

The story is not just false, it is laughably inept.

Sea Level Is Stable Around the World… The Good News the Media Don’t Want Us to Hear

There has been no dramatic sea level rise in the past century, and projections show no dramatic rise is likely to occur in the coming century.

Sea Level Rise: Hockey Stick or Roller Coaster?

…apparent sea level acceleration may have oscillated about a mean of zero and an amplitude of roughly 0.4 mm/yr/yr.

Antarctica Putting Brakes on Global Sea Level Rise! And: ‘World Climate News’ Makes Debut

The new model also expects more snowfall in Antarctica and the Antarctic ice mass is even expected to remain unchanged and stable overall this century

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