Happy End: Chile Will No Longer Have A Climate Constitution… For Now

Against all odds, Chile was once again saved from having a new Constitution (12/17/23) soaked with progressist footprints and DNA of the UN’s ‘Agenda 2030’ that also included a climate…

“Failure … is not an option”: COP28 President Urges Progress

“We are making progress” – but it sure doesn’t smell like progress.

Green Dictatorship: Climate Scientists Urge Acceptance of Their Total Control

“I would like to see a situation where scientists make recommendations and then you track them. You ask governments to sign off on what they will do and then you…

House Republicans Demand Answers From Key Energy Dept Official Subsidizing Green Companies Following DCNF Report

The DCNF reported in November that the LPO had reached a conditional commitment to loan Li-Cycle, a battery recycling company, $375 million while the company was allegedly defrauding investors.

COP28: China and India Reject Climate Loss and Damage Demands

Everyone agrees the USA should be looted, but China and India want to be recipients of funding, not contributors.

Communist Pope: Global Warming is because of Greedy Nationalists

But where is the compassion for families being ruined by energy poverty and unaffordable renewable energy?

Canadian Green Electricity Push Blocked by Alberta

Alberta has invoked the Sovereignty Act to set limits on the exercise of federal power. But the federal government claims there is no legal basis for their actions.

The Green Energy Wall Gradually Coming Into Focus

The best thing to end the wind/solar craziness will be to have one or two jurisdictions fail spectacularly as a lesson to everyone else. I wouldn’t have wanted my own…

China To Save The World (Again)–AEP

Everything AEP writes about Net Zero seems to be infused with wishful thinking, no more so than where China is concerned:

Claim: High Cost Green Policies will Reduce the Drug Epidemic

Well meaning researchers not checking their facts carefully enough.

Pielke Jr. on Today’s Release of the 2023 National Climate Assessment

It is not a scientific assessment. Climate Misinformation from the Biden Administration

“Greenhouse Policy without Regrets”: When Adler Refuted Climate Activism

…how much longer can the crusade continue with its magical thinking of limiting CO2 emissions effectively?

Heat pumps ‘too noisy’ for millions of British homes, Government told

Heat pumps are too loud to be installed in millions of homes under the Government’s noise guidelines, ministers have been told.

Prioritizing Justice in New York State Climate Policy

Firstly, environmental justice is a component of the Climate Act and many other current GHG emissions reduction initiatives, and this document explains the rationale behind its inclusion. Secondly, it is…

Awkward – Canada creates a brand-new fossil fuel subsidy just in time for COP28, a reminder that sticks hurt and carrots are healthy

Energy illiteracy is the slow-moving black plague of our time.

Chile’s Climate Constitution

Chile will be irremediably thrown, once again, to an economic collapse and to the end of its sovereignty.

Dumped by New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern Still Pushing Climate Action

The destroyer of the New Zealand economy gifting her talents to the world.

One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson Slams Federal Senators for Climate Lunacy

“… you haven’t got the intestinal fortitude to tell the truth… ” – Federal Senator Pauline Hanson addresses the Aussie senate.

Africa Doesn’t Need Western Elites’ Meaningless Climate Policies

The economic benefits of fossil fuel production are obvious and badly needed.

Fine Dining in London is Now a Climate Guilt Experience?

“Nudge theory”: Ruthless application of advanced behavioural science psychological manipulation upon unsuspecting diners.

More climate violence rhetoric: When it was “time to put heads on spikes”

Andrew “Twiggy” Forest is an iron ore billionaire who is mounting a crusade against climate change. He also owns Squadron Energy, a major Aussie provider of renewable “solutions”.

State of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in the NE U.S.

“Beware.  Expect Surprises. Expensive Ones”.

1.5C – “Unfortunately, Time is Up”

But eco-communism can save us.

Aussie Energy & Climate Minister: Don’t Expect 3.4GW of New Renewables to Provide Grid Stability

Aussie Energy & Climate Minister: “I don’t see we can put all the pressure on Renewables for Stability and Reliability”, blames Climate Change for Hot Summers.

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