‘Misleading’: Red State AG Slaps BlackRock with Lawsuit for Allegedly Harming Consumers

BlackRock has agreed to use all of the assets in their portfolio to push the net-zero agenda

Brendan O’Neill: COP28 and the scourge of eco-imperialism

…but for billions of people such stations are the difference between life and death, light and dark, food and no food.

NASA GISS Data Shows 2023 EL Nino Driving Global Temperature Anomaly Increases; NOAA Data Shows U.S. Nov. 2023 Temperature Anomaly Declining

…deliberately concealing the specific numerical value of such differences and instead hyping these carefully hidden small differences as being “a new monthly record for heat” and the “hottest November” even when the latest…

Biden Admin Unveils Green Jet Fuel Subsidy Rules In Win For Big Corn

…not going to do much for global warming, but it will do quite a lot to benefit the renewable fuel industry and it will also indirectly benefit corn price

Correct, Hot Air, Premature Coal Closures Pose a Serious Threat to Grid Stability

…shutting down functioning, reliable, megawatt fossil fuel plants ≠ enough power when you need it.

West-Wide Energy Corridor (WWEC): Revisions

Figure 1. Electrical grid substation Kevin Kilty In remarks made at the Bipartisan Policy Center in May, 2023, John Podesta, a senior advisor in the Biden/Harris administration, spoke about revising…

Down Memory Lane

 Courtesy of Josh and Net Zero Watch, a trip back down memory lane, from COP13 to COP28, the “breakthroughs” followed by the “cold light of day!:

From Now To 2100 Emission Reduction Policy Costs Greatly Exceed Any Net Benefit from Averted Warming

The benefits of not meeting Paris Accord emissions-reduction targets outweigh the costs associated even with worst-case-scenario global warming throughout the 21st century.

Climate Advocacy: Incompetence Or Intentional Fraud?

Is this just rank incompetence, or is it intentional fraud?

Bitumen beyond combustion: how to triple oil sands value, reduce emissions, and create an advanced material industry for 2% of a battery plant’s subsidies

What if some phenomenally large energy/materials breakthroughs were right here in front of us, vastly more accessible than experimental aspirations, but held back by an image problem?

100-Year-Old Union-Backed Law Among Snags Derailing Biden’s Green Energy Agenda

The Jones Act requires that American-made and staffed ships carry wind turbine parts to offshore farm sites, according to the WSJ.

COP 28: The radicals lose again

In COP 28, the moderates won, and the radical alarmists lost, wasting everybody’s time in the process. The actual negotiations got no press. It was noise all the way down.

U.K. Health Security Agency Deploys Made-Up Rise of 5°C in 80 Years to Spread Alarm About Dengue Fever Plague in London

…the British public who are entitled to receive timely and realistic advice on current and future health threats, not politically-driven scare stories based on unproven science and garbage-in, garbage-out climate…

Meat Made Us Human

Humans are now in the optimal position of growing grain to feed animals to produce meat.

Saudi Oil Minister Praises UN Climate Agreement, Says It Won’t Slow Their Oil Sales

The pharaoh methodology of dictating things has been buried, and so people are free in their choices

The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR) inventory only has a 20-day supply for country.

Seems that no one remembers the Oil Embargo of 1973, just 50 years ago!

Oslo’s E-Bus Fleet Could Use Some Warming…City Paralyzed as Buses “Break Down” Due To Cold

The buses were advertised to have a range of 250 km…but then reality hit!

Hug your children today! The UN has struck a deal to end fossil fuels & save the planet!

The delegate for Paraguay welcomes the agreement as “auspicous” but points out that “we need to see a big increase in climate financing”.

African Energy Chamber to COP28: We Want Fossil Fuels!

African producers have not and will not agree to phasing out fossil fuels.

‘Huge Milestone’: Biden Admin Green Lights Nuke Reactor Using Tech Not Utilized In Decades

This accomplishment is a testament to the collaborative work among Kairos, the NRC, DOE and all stakeholders involved in the project

UK Climate Minister Comes Home–He Has More Important Things To Do

The Guardian has got its knickers in a twist again!!

Former Federal German Minister Under Merkel Warns: Germany Heading to A Climate Tyranny

“Basic rights in crisis mode” in Germany. The real threat to democracy.

Wrong, CNN, Climate Change Isn’t the Cause of Rising Bear Attacks in Japan

CNN’s attempt to tie the increase in bear attacks in Japan to climate change is misguided at best and intentionally misleading at worst.

Unpopular hydrogen trials to be expanded to thousands more homes

Decarbonising heating has become a bit of a Pushmi-Pullyu!

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