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In any successful enterprise, there will always be people that want to tear down that success and of course WUWT is no exception. WUWT has spawned a few anti-WUWT blogs out there that exist solely for the purpose of denigration, though I’m sure they will call what they do satire, so it goes with this page.

They say Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but these imitators just don’t seem to have what it takes to hold an audience, as their view numbers are in the low 100’s per day where WUWT typically has 100,000. Still, I find it amusing that these people devote so much time and effort to stalking/satirizing what goes on at WUWT. I live rent free in their heads.

Each blog below is listed in no particular order. The information about each is freely available on the Internet.



Proprietor: Ben Lawson of Toronto, Canada

Some of Ben’s skills: Male model, ladies man, marathon runner, cook, peach harvester, Bad Santa, snowfall collector, a Mac technology specialist and Noble Swan

Reason for creating the blog: he got kicked off WUWT for multiple policy violations, got mad, still trying to get even.



Proprietor: Dr. Russell Seitz of Harvard University

photo[1]Some of Russell’s skills: Photoshopping strange pictures, making tiny bubbles, carbonating the ocean

Reason for creating the blog: After we laughed at his tiny bubbles plan, he got kicked off WUWT for multiple policy violations, which included thread bombing, and instead of “getting even”, he got mad.

UPDATE: July 2014.

In an essay that apparently lays bare his true moral character, Dr. Seitz decided to make fun of my life-long hearing problem, by parodying this post of mine Hearing restoration with gene therapy – I knew this day would come with this one saved as a PDF, here: THE DEAF OF GLOBAL WARMING

He describes me as a “serial hearing aid abuser”.

I simply have no words that can convey how repulsive this is to me. I’m sure anyone who knows how people suffer from the issues of hearing loss, both emotionally and socially, can relate.

The only explanation I can think of for this sort of behavior is that Dr. Seitz must be unable to grapple with his own moral demons, because no rational person, and certainly no academic, would taunt a person for a handicap that they suffer with daily. I feel sorry for him.



Proprietor: unknown at this time known, considering whether to release, see about page

Some of this person’s skills: using the name “Watt” in most titles. Twitter.

Reason for creating the blog: feels he needs to rebut everything on WUWT by making clever counter-titles with “Watt” in them.



Proprietor: unknown at this time, Peter Miesler (also a member of the Skeptical Science inner sanctum) goes by the name “” in Durango, Colorado.

Some of this person’s skills: cut and paste

Reason for creating the blog: unloved at WUWT, multiple policy violations there, assigned to the permanent troll bin.



Proprietor:Sou from Bundangawoolarangeera” aka Miriam O’Brien of Mt. Beauty, VC, Australia

Miriam O’Brien aka “Sou” from Hotwhopper

Some of Miriam’s skills: being a “a sixties-something woman with an interest in climate science“, sniping at WUWT, snark, Twitter snark, photography, business consulting, being on a board of directors. Mistress of Histrionics. She also runs a business consulting outfit where I presume that like with me, she denigrates clients she does not agree with, especially those who have doubts about climate change.

Reason for creating the blog: nowhere else to go. She found no traction for her style of commenting at WUWT, which was really flypaper for her getting comments to reinterpret/repeat as nastiness on her Twitter feed, catching even the attention of our most tolerant and beloved late moderator, “REP”.  Given her daily rants, she has now qualified for “Internet stalker” levels of infatuation and invective. Assigned to the permanent troll bin.

Bob Tisdale wrote of her:

Open Letter to Miriam O’Brien of HotWhopper (a.k.a. Sou)

He also commented:

HotWhopper’s Miriam O’Brien broadcasts so much ignorance on the topics she explores that she has created her own form of gravity. That HotWhopper gravity field sucks in other persons of comparable ignorance, in turn creating a black hole from which truth and reality can never escape.

And here is an example:

Hotwhopper’s Miriam O’Brien – Hoisted by Her Own Petard!

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