About Anthony:

I’m the founder and editor of WattsUpWithThat.com the world’s most viewed website on climate. I’m a former AMS Television Seal Holder (Seal 676 retired) television meteorologist who spent 25 years on the air and who also operates a weather technology and content business, as well as continues daily forecasting on radio, just for fun.

Weather measurement and weather presentation technology is my specialty. I also provide weather stations and custom weather monitoring solutions via www.weathershop.com (if you like my work, please consider buying a weather gadget there, StormPredator for example) and www.tempelert.com, and turn key weather channels with advertising at www.viziframe.com

The weather graphics you see in the lower right corner of the blog are produced by my company, IntelliWeather. As you can see most of my work is in weather technology such as weather stations,  weather data processing systems, and weather graphics creation and display.  While I’m not a degreed climate scientist, I’ll point out that neither is Al Gore, and his specialty is presentation also. And that’s part of what this blog is about: presentation of weather and climate data in a form the public can understand and discuss.

I’m also hearing impaired, with about an 85% sensory-neural hearing loss I’ve had since my early teens (11) due to an ototoxic drug reaction. Basically I’m totally deaf above about 2 kilohertz, with significant losses in the remaining frequencies. I wear powerful microprocessor based CIC hearing aids in each ear, which corrects my hearing up to about 30% of normal for the remainder. This hearing handicap forced many decisions in my life for me, including becoming a TV broadcaster when the opportunity presented itself. Why? Because in TV and radio I didn’t have the embarrassing problem of trying to hear people, I only had to talk. Blogging of course is natural for me, since it allows me to “broadcast” but also to interact without needing to hear. For more on hearing loss, see the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which I support.

See more about hearing loss and my story here:

How I got my life back – my hearing has been restored to near-normal

While I have a skeptical view of certain climate issues, I consider myself “green” in many ways, and I promote the idea of energy savings and alternate energy generation. Unlike many who just talk about it, I’ve put a 10KW solar array on my home, a second one on my new home this past summer of 2012. See photos below.

My home solar solar home grid tie inverters

Plus I championed a 125 KW solar array on one of our local schools when I was a local school board trustee. I’ve retrofitted my home with CFL’s LED’s and better insulation, as well as installed timer switches on many of our most commonly used lights.

watts_electric_rear2I also drive an electric car for my daily around town routine, but now mostly in the summer due to the battery technology not performing well in the winter. See my second electric car, which is an upgrade from the glorified golf cart in the link above, below.

I encourage others to do the same when it comes to efficient use of energy and energy conservation. For example, I recently installed energy saving LED lighting in my home, reducing power consumption for my largest lighting use from 325watts to 60 watts.

For story ideas or other items related to this website:  leave a comment on the Tips and Ideas thread, available on the menu bar under the masthead. I no longer post my email address due to the volume of mail I get.


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