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If you haven’t already, please read the submission guidelines.

Use the form below to compose your story if it a few paragraphs long. If you wish to send a technical document or manuscript, see email address in the image below the form where you can send MS-Word manuscripts of technical submissions as attachments.

Note that if you simply put full URL’s into the story body like they will automatically be turned into active links when we get the submitted story.

HTML Tags and content supported in the form below:

Linked words: <a href=”URLGOESHERE” title=”description”> word(s) to link </a>

Regular links: (just type in the full URL)

Bold: <b>word(s) to bold </b>

Italics: <i> word(s) to italicize </i>

Strikethrough <strike> word(s) to put a line through </strike>

Quote: <blockquote> words and sentences to quote</blockquote>

Images: (JPG, PNG, GIF, just put the URL of where they reside in the body)

Videos: (YouTube,Vimeo, just put the URL of where they reside in the body)

Page break: (for stories of 2 paragraphs or more)  <!–more–>

LaTeX is also supported for displaying equations, etc.

BE SURE to close HTML tags you use with a </ tagsymbol> as shown above!


For technical manuscripts:

You should use plain MS-Word formatting, don’t  put in headers/footers or other page formatting we’ll have to remove. Adobe PDF’s don’t translate well to blog posts due to formatting issues, and are a lot of work to reformat, so please don’t send those unless you have no other choice or they are references for the manuscript you are sending.


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