Mandatory Indoctrination: UC San Diego’s Climate Change Education Requirement

This requirement, approved by the Academic Senate, is a clear example of the university’s shift from fostering critical thinking to promoting a singular ideological agenda.

Scientific Method Restored to Science Education in North Carolina

Challengers of the status quo are more likely to be met with ad hominem than data.

Climate Classroom: “I tend to be very gentle” about Telling Kids they’re Going to Die?

Full quote: “I tend to be very gentle and very careful or I’m very focused on hope.”

Aussie Academics: Scaring School Children Improves their Climate Behaviour

Apparently its OK to step up climate education, because the kids are scared anyway, and scaring them more “engages them with positive actions”.

Though Beleaguered, Science Education is Alive in America

We were, nonetheless, encouraged by finding so many educators hungry for honest discovery and, in some cases, grateful for scientific information utterly new to them.

Challenging the NSTA’s Position Statement on Climate Change

Unfortunately, the NSTA has taken a strong position that is antithetical to the scientific method, critical thinking and open scientific debate.

Welsh College Trains Climate Disruptors of the Future

“It’s learning from being out there in nature and experiencing things with our whole bodies, rather than just reading about it and knowing it in an intellectual way.”

Claim: Climate Change is Being Downgraded in University Textbooks

There is evidence university science teachers might be deliberately skipping over climate indoctrination.

Connecticut Just Made Climate Change Studies Compulsory

I wonder if there is a case for challenging compulsory climate studies on the grounds that belief in catastrophic climate change is a state religion?

Claim: Climate Change is Making US Classrooms Too Hot

Apparently in the South schools are fitted with air conditioning, but in Philadelphia and Baltimore schools cannot afford a bit of insulation and some air conditioners.

Climate Activists Stepping Up Efforts to Ensnare YOUR Children

Having failed to win over adults, climate activists appear to be stepping up efforts to impress their viewpoint on children entrusted to their care, with strategies ranging from climate themed…

Claim: Climate Fanatic Teacher Refused Kids Aircon

A parent is calling for an Queensland State High School teacher to be suspended, after the teacher allegedly berated and insulted their class, when the kids asked for the aircon…

Yale-NUS Professor: Climate Lessons Need to “Demonstrate an Emotional Orientation”

According to Matthew Schneider-Mayerson, Yale-NUS associate professor of social sciences and humanities, we have to lead students to express correct emotional responses to climate change issues, rather than just presenting…

Death spiral of American academia

This climate is eroding free speech, with overt censorship by rejecting publication of results with real (or simply apparent) connection to right-of-center policies, as well as tremendous self- censorship both…

SCMP: China Teaching Children to Limit their Climate Activism

According to the South China Morning Post, China wants kids to learn about climate change, but is trying to moderate the message to encourage children to focus on personal climate…

‘Deniers’ of the World, Unite!

Much is made of the fact that former “climate change” advocates have now defected to the side of reason. But much more needs to be done to defeat climate change…

The Conversation: “Climate Change is the Most Important Mission for Universities”

Guest essay by Eric Worrall If you thought the most important mission of universities was to provide kids with professional skills to help them get a better job, think again.…

BBC: Climate Education is Failing Because Some Graduates Become Oil Executives

Guest essay by Eric Worrall A child activist interviewed by the BBC is disappointed that some “educated people” resist climate indoctrination enough to accept jobs from oil companies. Climate change:…

Are Stagnant Academic Standards Related to Fear of Climate Change?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall US academic standards are stagnating, despite huge investment in trying to improve the education system. Maybe its about time politicians and academics started asking why.…

Educating kids to debate alarming climate claims

Important new project provides videos and short non-technical issue briefs for students Paul Driessen It’s time to challenge the steady diet of bias, false information and alarmism on climate change…

How to brainwash your children while passing your pathologies on to them.

Hmmm. There’s a Mashable article: How to talk to kids about climate change without scaring them Dum, Dum, Dum We avoided the topic, I think, because of her young age…

The Conversation: Lets Create a Youth Climate Change National Service

Guest essay by Eric Worrall A university lecturer has proposed creating a state sanctioned volunteer army of youth conservationists, to harness the green enthusiasm of young people. National service for…

Greens Outraged State Laws to Force Teachers to Devote Less Class Time to Climate Activism

Guest essay by Eric Worrall New state laws aim to refocus climate activist teachers on providing academic education. STATES ARE INTRODUCING BILLS THAT COULD PREVENT TEACHERS FROM ADVOCATING FOR CLIMATE…

Children’s Climate Change Strike Spreads to the USA

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Alexandria Villasenor, 13, hopes braving brutal polar vortex winter conditions by sitting outside UN Headquarters will inspire others in the US and China to join…

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