Mandatory Indoctrination: UC San Diego’s Climate Change Education Requirement

This requirement, approved by the Academic Senate, is a clear example of the university’s shift from fostering critical thinking to promoting a singular ideological agenda.

Christmas Weekend Open Thread

Friday Funny

Dilbert (Scott Adams) captures the moment.

Oregon’s Climate Program Overruled

The statute requires actual compliance.

Fisherman’s Association Drops “Climate Deception” Lawsuit

The legal realm, in this context, seems to be utilized more for activism and narrative-building than for genuine legal redress.

COP 28: Climate Hysteric Peter Kalmus Has the Sads

like a script from a dystopian drama where the villains are fossil fuels, and the heroes are, well, apparently not the attendees of COP28.

Biden’s Dam Removal Plan and Its Impact on Electrical Supply

The hydroelectric dams in question are not just sources of renewable energy; they are also vital contributors to grid inertia.

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The Absurdity of Measuring Breath for Climate Change

It represents a worrying trend in the climate debate, where even the most basic human functions are scrutinized for their environmental impact.

Catastrophic and Frightening Solar Storms: Miyake Events

Miyake events are believed to be several orders of magnitude greater than the Carrington Event. It is not clear what causes the event. If a Miyake event equivalent to the…

Friday Funday: Scientist Rebellion/Extinction Rebellion at AGU

Put your coffee down before watching.

The California Sun is Setting on Exorbitant Rooftop Solar Subsidies

Solar Net Energy Metering in California: From Rosy Inception to Rocky Realities

Beyond Parody: Misogyny, Authoritarianism, and Climate Change

There’s nothing I can add to the self-parody that is this paper.

“COP28’s Fossil Fuel Phaseout: A Comedy of Errors”

Climate Summit’s U-Turn – From Heroic Vows to Muffled Whispers

Unprecedented mass gain over the Antarctic ice sheet between 2021 and 2022 caused by large precipitation anomalies

During this period, the mass gain over the East AIS and Antarctic Peninsula was unprecedented within the past two decades

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Marc Morano: China is getting a pass

Morano on Fox News from Dubai: Unelected ‘climate potentate’ John Kerry’s decreeing the end of coal will benefit China – ‘This is the Great Reset summit. We did not vote…

Cornering ChatGPT into an Honest Answer on the Carbon Cycle

It just requires extreme measures to force it into honesty.

Why Won’t those Troglodytes Trust Us and How, How, How! Can We Finally Get Through to THEM?!!! Number Eleventy Zillion

More rending of garments.

COP28 President Challenges Mainstream Climate Narrative on Fossil Fuels

As COP28 unfolds, the tension between economic pragmatism and environmental idealism will undoubtedly remain a central theme.

The Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2024

Josh’ new 2024 Calendar is out

Open Thread

The Nuclear Option: A Pragmatic Shift at COP28

In a notable pivot at the COP28 climate talks in Dubai, over 20 nations, led by the United States, have advocated for a substantial increase in nuclear energy.

US Proposes Carbon Storage Under Nations Forests

This introduces a rather ironic scenario where forest land could be compromised for the sake of environmental protection.

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