Friday Funny

Dilbert (Scott Adams) captures the moment.

Friday Funday: Scientist Rebellion/Extinction Rebellion at AGU

Put your coffee down before watching.

The Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2024

Josh’ new 2024 Calendar is out

Monday Mirthiness: Mind Blowing Failure of “Science” to Police Itself – Shame on Springer Link

How in the HELL does a “scientific” paper get published by Springer with “bullshit” in the title and used over 100 times in the paper?

Now Will You Support Green New Deal!? ‘Climate Change is Threatening Your Thanksgiving’

As a result, these essential food items could become increasingly scarce and more expensive, potentially forcing families to omit or make substitutions in key recipes on their Thanksgiving menus.

Monday Mirthiness: NOAA Goes Full Warming

Well, its either a glitch or they’ve fully succumbed to AGW agitprop. This is the map for the US Seasonal Temperature Outlook on the NOAA Climate Prediction Center Website: Normally,…

Just Stop Oil Actually Stopped Oil!

Thanks for saving the planet

“I didn’t expect that”: Catholic Nun Tackles and Drops an Eco-Activist

Don’t mess with this sister!

Monday Mirthiness

There is not a single photo that sums up just stop oil better than this one

Friday Funny – ‘Bin Day’

When something isn’t useful anymore, it is usually ready for the trash bin. Webster’s Dictionary defines trash as: Tossing into the bin – at least that’s what normal people do.…

Friday Funny – Real Science vs. Fake Science

Josh spots the difference. Do you have your climate emergency “insurance” paid up yet? From John F. Clauser, winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on quantum…

We Stopped Just Stop Oil

Entertaining, even if the pranksters are true believers.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Climate Crisis

Nobody sees Al Gore, but that is no sign that there is no Al Gore.

Concerns Over Interstellar SUVs: Greenhouse Gas Fears Reach a Cosmic Scale

It might not be long before we see the Milky Way’s first interplanetary carbon tax

Save the Drama for Your Llama, Not the Climate: A Dystopian Tale 15 Years in the Making

Let’s sprinkle a dash of humor onto your daily helping of apocalypse stew.

Today We Died

We are all dead now.

Friday Funny: Captain Santer and the Great White Fingerprint of Human Influence on Climate

Santer has been searching for proof of the human fingerprint for close to three decades. He has a lot time invested in finding it, from 1996: The observed spatial patterns…

Friday Funny – The Ultimate Climate Argument Rebuttal Tool

Josh writes a climate ground truth: A reminder that you can ignore anyone saying ‘There is a climate crisis’. It’s not climate science and they aren’t climate scientists. Josh draws…

Friday Funny – Planet of the Apes vs. Climate Change

The climate left is fond of showing ginned-up pictures of what sea-level rise would look like in the future. We are barraged with model projections turned into images of flooded…

Mann’s Twitter Mania is Embarrassing

Sorry Buddy. She’s out of your league.

Monday Mirthiness: Wow So Much Climate Change in Five Years

This will bring out the fact checkers

XR Founder Moans About His Carrots

Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam has taken to Twitter to share his frustration in an 11-point thread after he was served carrots and a handful of potatoes for dinner as…

Friday Funny Cartoon

Branco does it again.

Monday Mirthiness: Wally’s Employment Award

The less you do…

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