Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Thanks, and the Future

I want to thank everyone for their participation and the commentary at WUWT this past year, for without you, this would just be a distant and unknown corner of the…

Whatever happened to the Siberian permafrost “tipping point” from 2005?

It seems like yet another climate doomsday prediction has failed to materialize. The goalposts have been moved into the future, again.

U.S. Climate 2023 Year in Review – In one word: NORMAL

The year is not quite in the books, but it is late enough that we can have a look-back at this year’s weather and climate extremes.

Climate TV LIVE at 1PM ET: Climate Bullying: Scientists Behaving Badly

Welcome to episode #91 of “Climate Change Roundtable,” where we challenge the status quo of climate science narratives. Hosted by Anthony Watts, this episode features expert panelist H. Sterling Burnett…

ClimateTV – Live at 1PM ET – COP28 Climate Claims, Fantasy vs. Reality

In episode #90 of “Climate Change Roundtable,” host Anthony Watts leads a thought-provoking discussion with Heartland experts H. Sterling Burnett and Linnea Lueken on the latest developments from week three…

Friday Funny: UN COP Conferences Have Been Highly Effective at Reducing CO2

Clearly, COP conferences have had a positive effect on global atmospheric carbon dioxide.

ClimateTV – LIVE at 1PM ET – Climate Change Roundtable: Cops & Robbers Redux

In this new episode of “Climate Change Roundtable,” guest host Jim Lakely leads a thought-provoking discussion with experts Steve Milloy, H. Sterling Burnett, and Linnea Lueken on the latest developments…

New Antarctic All-Time Cold Record Flies in the Face of Media Reporting

It has been a busy year at the bottom of the world, from hot to cold with climate change in the middle of it all for the blame by media.…

Monday Mirthiness: Mind Blowing Failure of “Science” to Police Itself – Shame on Springer Link

How in the HELL does a “scientific” paper get published by Springer with “bullshit” in the title and used over 100 times in the paper?

ClimateTV Live at 1PM ET -National Climate Assessment Report #5: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

This week on “Climate Change Roundtable,” host Anthony Watts and panelist H. Sterling Burnett will delve into the big report issued by the Biden Administration – NCA5, or the National…

Monday Mirthiness: NOAA Goes Full Warming

Well, its either a glitch or they’ve fully succumbed to AGW agitprop. This is the map for the US Seasonal Temperature Outlook on the NOAA Climate Prediction Center Website: Normally,…

ClimateTV – URBAN HEAT ISLAND EFFECT – Dramatic New Findings! 

The Urban Heat Island effect (UHI) has been known for decades, but it is routinely dismissed by climate advocates as being either insignificant or “we adjust for it” when they…

Study: Underground car parks heat up groundwater

From the “especially if the EV’s are on fire” department… The heat given off by car engines warms up underground car parks in such a way that the heat passes…

The Coming Collapse of Green Energy, and why EVs Will Never Catch On

Energy prices are skyrocketing and the “green energy” industry is now demanding even more government handouts – and permission to hike prices even more – to keep the scam going.…

In a surprising finding, light can make water evaporate without heat

A newly identified process could explain a variety of natural phenomena and enable new approaches to desalination.

Artificial Airglow from HAARP May Be Widely Visible in Alaska Tonight

NOTE: The HAARP facility was closed some years ago, and now it is operational again. Back then I was happy it was closed because it (mostly) ended the silly conspiracy…

New Ocean Satellite Monitors How El Niño Is Shaping Up

Not all El Niño events are created equal. Their impacts vary widely, and satellites like the U.S.-European Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich help anticipate those impacts on a global scale by tracking…

ClimateTV Live at 1PM ET: COPs and Robbers – Follow the Money

This week on “Climate Change Roundtable,” our trio of host Anthony Watts and panelists Linnea Lueken and H. Sterling Burnett turn their attention to the COP28 Climate Conference set to…

James Hansen Hots it Up Even Higher

New paper from the “father of global warming” argues reducing greenhouse gas emissions is not enough to combat climate change

What Causes Earth’s Strongest Lightning Known as ‘Superbolts’?

When a storm’s charging zone sits close to the earth’s surface, the resulting “superbolts” can be 1,000 times stronger than regular lightning.

Open peer review – Green energy and economic fabulism

Green energy and economic fabulism: The mirage of subsidy-propelled economic growth and employment.

Oh Noes! Window to avoid 1.5°C of warming will close before 2030 if emissions are not reduced

Without rapid carbon dioxide emission reductions, the world has a 50% chance of locking in 1.5°C of warming before 2030, according to a study led by Imperial College London researchers.

News Flash: Prison is Hell! Now more so with Climate Change

From the “does anybody really give a damn” department comes another inane news release that I never bothered to finish reading. – Anthony Prisons vulnerable to natural disasters, but ill-prepared…

Upcoming Debate: Pielke Jr., and Koonin on ‘Net Zero by 2050’

Steamboat Institute is proud to present a compelling debate on the following question: Is ‘Net Zero by 2050’ both achievable and necessary to address climate change?

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