Old King Coal at COP28: Uninvited Guest or Star of the Show?

By Tilak DoshiPeter A. Coclanis December 19, 2023 Last Friday, just two days after the Dubai COP28 meeting ended, a report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) stated that global…

COP 28: Climate Hysteric Peter Kalmus Has the Sads

like a script from a dystopian drama where the villains are fossil fuels, and the heroes are, well, apparently not the attendees of COP28.

Brendan O’Neill: COP28 and the scourge of eco-imperialism

…but for billions of people such stations are the difference between life and death, light and dark, food and no food.

Down Memory Lane

 Courtesy of Josh and Net Zero Watch, a trip back down memory lane, from COP13 to COP28, the “breakthroughs” followed by the “cold light of day!:

COP 28: The radicals lose again

In COP 28, the moderates won, and the radical alarmists lost, wasting everybody’s time in the process. The actual negotiations got no press. It was noise all the way down.

“Many Will Die”: Climate Scientists Respond to COP28 Fiasco

The usual wailing and wild statements we’ve come to expect in the wake of the annual COP failure.

Saudi Oil Minister Praises UN Climate Agreement, Says It Won’t Slow Their Oil Sales

The pharaoh methodology of dictating things has been buried, and so people are free in their choices

COP28: Were Small Nation Delegates Lured Away so a Deal could be Struck?

According to small nations delegates they were busy b̵a̵n̵g̵i̵n̵g̵ ̵h̵o̵o̵k̵e̵r̵s̵ finalising the details of their position, when a deal was struck while they were out of the room.

Hug your children today! The UN has struck a deal to end fossil fuels & save the planet!

The delegate for Paraguay welcomes the agreement as “auspicous” but points out that “we need to see a big increase in climate financing”.

African Energy Chamber to COP28: We Want Fossil Fuels!

African producers have not and will not agree to phasing out fossil fuels.

“COP28’s Fossil Fuel Phaseout: A Comedy of Errors”

Climate Summit’s U-Turn – From Heroic Vows to Muffled Whispers

“Failure … is not an option”: COP28 President Urges Progress

“We are making progress” – but it sure doesn’t smell like progress.

475 Carbon Capture Lobbyists Attending COP28

The Lake Nyos disaster demonstrated an uncontrolled urban release of concentrated CO2 has the potential to kill millions of people. But this risk doesn’t seem to bother companies chasing funding.

Marc Morano: China is getting a pass

Morano on Fox News from Dubai: Unelected ‘climate potentate’ John Kerry’s decreeing the end of coal will benefit China – ‘This is the Great Reset summit. We did not vote…

Friday Funny: UN COP Conferences Have Been Highly Effective at Reducing CO2

Clearly, COP conferences have had a positive effect on global atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Climate clowns galore, but what do they squark about?

Australia’s contingent to the circus of COP28 is led by the Government’s top climate-clown Christopher Bowen. But for what precise benefit to Australia?

UN Climate Summit Includes Session On ‘Responsible Yachting’

It’s absolutely classic… they tell everyone else to sacrifice while they host discussions on ‘sustainable yachting’ among themselves.”

John Kerry Spins UN Climate Summit President’s Comments That ‘No Science’ Backs Fossil Fuel Elimination Push

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry is playing defense for the president of this year’s United Nations (UN) climate confab after he contended that there is “no science” behind…

Wildlife Trust and COP28

Quite what a loss and damage fund has to do with British wildlife eludes me.

COP28: China and India Reject Climate Loss and Damage Demands

Everyone agrees the USA should be looted, but China and India want to be recipients of funding, not contributors.

Economic Progress and Fossil Fuels: The Elephant in the Room at U.N. Climate Conference

The reality of economic imperatives, however, will eventually expose the folly of decarbonization plans.

COP28 President Challenges Mainstream Climate Narrative on Fossil Fuels

As COP28 unfolds, the tension between economic pragmatism and environmental idealism will undoubtedly remain a central theme.

King Charles Delivers Highly-Politicised Speech to Support Collectivist Net Zero Project

King Charles is no friend of general humanity. Speaking at COP28, he said: “The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth.”

The Nuclear Option: A Pragmatic Shift at COP28

In a notable pivot at the COP28 climate talks in Dubai, over 20 nations, led by the United States, have advocated for a substantial increase in nuclear energy.

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