“Environmental Justice” $ub$umes Everything

This document just released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency takes the cake.

Has Australia’s Nuclear Debate Killed Renewable Energy Investment?

Expectations that the next Aussie administration will back nuclear over renewables appears to have wrecked attempts to attract private renewable investment.

Unpopular hydrogen trials to be expanded to thousands more homes

Decarbonising heating has become a bit of a Pushmi-Pullyu!

475 Carbon Capture Lobbyists Attending COP28

The Lake Nyos disaster demonstrated an uncontrolled urban release of concentrated CO2 has the potential to kill millions of people. But this risk doesn’t seem to bother companies chasing funding.

Some More Energy Reality In New York City

So, how is it going? The answer is that this effort is an unmitigated disaster. Let’s look into the details.

“Wartime” Climate Policy vs. Natural Gas: Biden Gets Desperate

Yes, the President of the United States has pulled out a Korean War authority (Defense Production Act) to fight against American energy that Americans prefer.

Govt To Pay £350 For EV Chargers in Flats!!

I assume they expect you to stick your car in the lift and push it into your kitchen to charge up.

Aussie Government Admits it is Failing to Meet Climate Commitments

Promises to double down on useless renewables.

A Look at California’s Landmark Climate Reporting Laws

Coordinating data collection, implementing robust reporting systems, integrating sustainability practices, and documenting risk factors and processes within such a short timeframe may require substantial effort and resources.

At The New York Krazy Klimate Konference

it is completely clear that the people running New York’s supposed energy transition do not have the slightest hint of competence.

How China Dominates the World – And Lies about Climate Commitment

Leftist think tanks rationalising China’s dash for coal as a bureaucratic hiccup.

Review of Proposed Minimum Efficiency Standards for “Consumer Boilers”

DOE’s recent appliance efficiency ‘determinations’ are doing more harm than good for consumers and defy objectivity and transparency processes required by the Code of Federal Regulations (the Process Rule)

Aussie Snowy 2.0 Pumped Hydro 0.8% Progress Since June

At this rate Snowy 2, the keystone of Australia’s renewable energy roadmap, will take over 40 years to complete.

Aussie Government Settles Climate Bond Disclosure Lawsuit

A green lawsuit which likely does more good than harm, by making it more difficult for financially incontinent politicians to borrow money.

Seven Million Smart Meters Need to Be Upgraded

Our inquiry has found that consumers’ enthusiasm for adopting one has been understandably harmed by recent shocking reports of forced installations.”

What Passes for A “Demonstration Project” Among Our Government Geniuses

Because this is all a fantasy kept alive by government handouts, as soon as the handouts go away or even slow down, the whole thing will dry up and fade…

More Price Shocks Coming? British Energy CEO: “The costs of [Renewable] projects have gone up … 40%”

The UK needs “a power sector two to three times the size of the one today… ” – but who is going to pay for this?

Update: DOE Appliance Minimum Efficiency Standards

Basically, what we’re witnessing is the energy equivalent of ethnic cleansing under the guise of fighting the “existential threat” of anthropogenic global warming.

Biden Admin Hosted ‘Indigenous Knowledge’ Seminars That Warned Scientists About ‘Disrespecting’ Spirits: REPORT

On the state level, Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources’ Deputy Director M. Kaleo Manuel advocated for “indigenous knowledge” and delayed a request for water diversion to fight the Maui wildfires…

Man-Made Disaster’: Byron Donalds Blames ‘Green New Deal Stuff’ For Maui Wildfire

Republican Rep. Byron Donalds blamed “green new deal stuff” for the devastating wildfire in Maui, saying an electric company ignored “the basic things.”

‘Green’ Energy vs. the Environment (Enron to BP to PG&E to Hawaiian Electric)

…in retrospect, it seems clear, we weren’t as focused on these fire risks as we should have been.”

Dimming The Sun – The Real Global Warming Emergency

There’s more to worry about here than the so-called global warming emergency.

ULEZ Air Quality Pt1 and Pt2: Dangerous Pollution in London! Shocking Readings But Not Where you Think

Brown Car Guy I take an ELITech TemTop LKC-1000S+ 2nd into London’s ULEZ Zone, including travelling on the London Underground Tube Network and on the Buses, plus stand on some…

Biden’s Multi-Billion Dollar Carbon Capture Gamble

Instead of costly ventures with dubious returns, it might be wiser to reevaluate our stance on carbon dioxide and refocus our resources more judiciously.

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