Is Consumer Rejection of EVs behind the Lithium Crash?

Lithium prices are down lately, and EV manufacturers, the major users of Lithium, have recently announced substantial cuts to production. So why are Lithium miners so optimistic?

Claim: GM Crops are Not the Solution to Climate Change

Political ecologists worrying that the EU is embracing genetic engineering to protect food supplies from global warming.

Has Australia’s Nuclear Debate Killed Renewable Energy Investment?

Expectations that the next Aussie administration will back nuclear over renewables appears to have wrecked attempts to attract private renewable investment.

Claim: Global Warming is Reducing Maximum Temperatures in the Himalayas

Enhanced mixing of air layers at high altitudes is apparently reducing maximum air temperatures in some parts of the Himalayas.

“Many Will Die”: Climate Scientists Respond to COP28 Fiasco

The usual wailing and wild statements we’ve come to expect in the wake of the annual COP failure.

COP28: Were Small Nation Delegates Lured Away so a Deal could be Struck?

According to small nations delegates they were busy b̵a̵n̵g̵i̵n̵g̵ ̵h̵o̵o̵k̵e̵r̵s̵ finalising the details of their position, when a deal was struck while they were out of the room.

“We are rapidly crashing”: Global Warming Extinction Claim

Past global warm epochs were bursting with abundance and life, but apparently this time the computer models tell us we’re all going to die.

“Failure … is not an option”: COP28 President Urges Progress

“We are making progress” – but it sure doesn’t smell like progress.

475 Carbon Capture Lobbyists Attending COP28

The Lake Nyos disaster demonstrated an uncontrolled urban release of concentrated CO2 has the potential to kill millions of people. But this risk doesn’t seem to bother companies chasing funding.

Green Dictatorship: Climate Scientists Urge Acceptance of Their Total Control

“I would like to see a situation where scientists make recommendations and then you track them. You ask governments to sign off on what they will do and then you…

Predictably, the Rush to Electric Cars Is Imploding

Anyone who tells you these power grabs aren’t coming is telling you not to believe your own eyes.

The Deadly Geo-engineering Idea which Refuses to Die

Greens seem to have an obsession with dimming the sun, otherwise known as starving plants of sunlight and stripping away our disease resistance.

WaPo: People will Copy You if you Buy a Heat Pump

Associate Professor of Philosophy Michael Brownstein thinks you can lead your neighbourhood to climate activism by riding a bike and installing a heat pump.

Communist Pope: Global Warming is because of Greedy Nationalists

But where is the compassion for families being ruined by energy poverty and unaffordable renewable energy?

Mann: “climate deniers are endanging you, your children, and your grandchildren”

So what should be done about these dangerous deniers?

Daily Mail: COP28 will be an Oil and Gas Contract Bazaar

Can you imagine a more hilariously ignoble end to the great push to green the global economy, than for the centrepiece of the green movement to transform into a giant…

Billions of Dollars of Aussie Retirement Funds to be Gambled on Britain’s Failing Net Zero Push

Betting retirement funds on the honesty, consistency and fiduciary skill of Nut Zero obsessed politicians – what could possibly go wrong?

Climate Protestors Blockade a Port, Demand a 75% Coal Tax

“Rising Tide” are a small group of Aussie radicals who are trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace of climate extremist groups.

How NPR Converted a Southern Christian to the Church of the Climate Crisis

What kind of religion would climate change be, without some good old fashioned conversion stories?

Claim: High Cost Green Policies will Reduce the Drug Epidemic

Well meaning researchers not checking their facts carefully enough.

WaPo Clauser Climate Crisis Damage Control: “There is a skeptical streak in the physics community…”

All those high profile physicists denying the overwhelming consensus on climate change…

How China Dominates the World – And Lies about Climate Commitment

Leftist think tanks rationalising China’s dash for coal as a bureaucratic hiccup.

Australia Offers Immigration and Resettlement to Pacific Climate Refugees

Climate crisis? Or an incentive not to sign a naval resupply agreement with China?

BBC: Kenya’s Ogiek People are Being Evicted for Carbon Credits

More Carbon Credit crimes against humanity?

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