VOX: Winter Has Disappeared Thanks to Climate Change

Record breaking cold in China, Russia and Europe doesn’t count, because “sleddable” deep snow hasn’t fallen in New York’s Central Park for 650 days.

Authorities Raid Berlin-Based Radical Leftist Group “Zora”… Leader Tied To “Fridays For Future”

On its website, the Zora group describes itself as an “independent, anti-capitalist organization for young women.”

COP 28: Climate Hysteric Peter Kalmus Has the Sads

like a script from a dystopian drama where the villains are fossil fuels, and the heroes are, well, apparently not the attendees of COP28.

Reason is Right, There is No ‘Climate Cliff’

“it is good, although not surprising, news that when the world passes through the 1.5 C target, it will not be plunging to its death over a climate cliff.”

Claim: GM Crops are Not the Solution to Climate Change

Political ecologists worrying that the EU is embracing genetic engineering to protect food supplies from global warming.

“We are rapidly crashing”: Global Warming Extinction Claim

Past global warm epochs were bursting with abundance and life, but apparently this time the computer models tell us we’re all going to die.

No, Media, ‘Catastrophic Climate Tipping Points’ are Nothing to Worry About

…the claimed dangers are based on climate model projections, not actual cause and effect connections demonstrated by data.

No, CNN, Climate Change is Not Costing the U.S. Billions

Not only has extreme weather not become worse in the United States over time, but the NCA report and CNN both ignore myriad the other factors, like population growth and…

Mann: “climate deniers are endanging you, your children, and your grandchildren”

So what should be done about these dangerous deniers?

Climate Protestors Blockade a Port, Demand a 75% Coal Tax

“Rising Tide” are a small group of Aussie radicals who are trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace of climate extremist groups.

Valley Fever:  Neither caused by nor spread by climate change

Valley Fever — which can sometimes be deadly and sometimes so innocuous as to be mistaken for a cold or mild flu — has now been added to the list…

Tuvaluan’s May ‘Escape’ to Australia, but if They Do, Associated Press, It Won’t Be Because of Climate Change

As early as 2010, research showed the small island nations of Tuvalu and Kiribati were growing, rather than being submerged beneath rising seas. 

Political and Natural Hazards, ARC Part 3

There are cycles within cycles, and by their very nature they can appear to keep reversing and they do affect the climate. If we took notice of them, we might…

Recycling Eco-Myths Is the Existential Threat

Our democracy faces an existential threat when the will of the people gives way to the coercion of the masses.

Peak Cognitive Dissonance for The Climate Scare

In the category of the overlords doubling down on climate propaganda, you can’t top the new Fifth National Climate Assessment just out

Gulf Stream Collapse Scare Debunked by Royal Society

Many of the scare tactics employed by mainstream media and green activists are given weight by the IPCC’s suggestion that the AMOC will weaken in future as “very likely”.

Wrong, Phys.Org, Boreal Forests Are Doing Well Amid Modest Warming

So, amid climate change, tree growth and range expansion across the Earth’s boreal forests exceed tree decline, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Models Vs. Reality: Sea Turtle Edition

Sea turtles in Florida are handling the climate crisis quite well.

Permanent California Drought Update

But the drought’s not over!

To Be Clear, Minnesota Public Radio, Allergies Are Manageable, Extended Growing Seasons Benefit Everyone

Global greening has contributed to the largest decline in global hunger in history.

1.5C – “Unfortunately, Time is Up”

But eco-communism can save us.

Fred Pearce on Margaret Thatcher: Misdirection at “Yale Environment 360”

Government interventions are problematic, so intervene only when the case is fully proven

Experts Addle Kids’ Minds Over “Climate Change”

…there is one predominate answer: Incessant propaganda.

Andrew Forrest’s Climate Alarmism: A Misguided Crusade

His climate crusade, while grand in its presentation, leaves much to be desired in terms of fostering a rational and constructive discourse on climate issues.

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