Junk Science Alert: Met Office Set to Ditch Actual Temperature Data in Favour of Model Predictions

…using this highly politicised method would indicate that reality is rapidly departing from the Met Office station.

Modeling HadCRUT5 with CO2 and without CO2

By Andy May I hate statistics, as many of you know. Some people think statistics and/or statistical models that meet standard statistical criteria are facts. The IPCC can be like…

Models Vs. Reality: Sea Turtle Edition

Sea turtles in Florida are handling the climate crisis quite well.

The Marathon of Misguided Climate Alarmism: A Review of “Feasibility of the Olympic marathon under climatic and socioeconomic change”

The paper, shrouded in the guise of scientific inquiry, seems more like an exercise in creative speculation, leveraging the universal appeal of the Olympics to propagate the narrative of climate…

Testing A Constructal Climate Model

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach ABSTRACT A simple constructal model of the operation of the climate system was created by Dr. Adrian Bejan and several others. It posits that the…

Climate Models Wrong on East Pacific… “We Don’t Know Why This Cooling Is Happening”

The East Pacific Ocean’s progressive cooling over the past 30 years contradicts climate models predicting warming due to greenhouse gas emissions. This discrepancy impacts global agriculture, as the ocean’s temperature…

The Myth of “Settled” Climate Science: A Revelatory Study on Cloud Formation

Trees, Clouds, and the Unsettling Truth about Climate Science In a recent revelation from the international CLOUD project at the nuclear research center CERN, researchers have identified sesquiterpenes—gaseous hydrocarbons released…

Challenging the Mathematical Basis of General Circulation Models

His framework invariably ensures well-posed reduced systems for limited domains and has broader applicability, including mesoscale and equatorial atmospheric behaviors, oceanic dynamics, and plasma physics.

Do CMIP5 models skillfully match actual warming?

CMIP5 models have not been at all skillful in predicting future warming; they have matched the illustrated 1970–2020 observed warming (which was past rather than future warming until the late 2000s, when CMIP5 models…

German Scientists: Global Warming A “Corrupt”, Fear-Mongering Scheme “Headed By Super-Rich”

We need an uprising of the decent against this fraudulent business model of alleged climate rescue.

SITYS: Climate Models do not Conserve Mass or Energy

…the atmospheric moisture budget is relatively large (and worse for CMIP6), approaching/exceeding the magnitude of current trends for many models.

The Great Climate Change Science Bottleneck

IAM research and IPCC reporting The two activities have become interdependent and reciprocally legitimizing.

Climate Modelling in Australia

The current ACCESS model clearly produces unphysical nonsense.

Is the Arctic September Sea Ice Doomed to Disappear in the 2030’s?

K23 takes advantage of the rejected CMIP 6 MMM and comes to strongly biased results. It’s overdue for the editorial board of “Nature communication” to check the peer review process…

Sun, Temperatures, and Models

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach PART THE FIRST – REAL WORLD Well, my monkey mind started thinking about the relationship between how much sunshine is absorbed at the surface and…

Epic Fail in America’s Heartland: Climate Models Greatly Overestimate Corn Belt Warming

My continuing theme has been, “don’t believe gloom and doom forecasts for the future of the U.S. Corn Belt”.

Climate Computer Games

…when confirmation bias distorts the search for truth, the outcome is the “climate change” hyperbole and “saving-the-planet” activism that is now disrupting every aspect of our lives.    

Introducing the Realitometer

Month by inexorable month, the Realitometer will show just how absurdly exaggerated were and are the official predictions of global warming on which easily-manipulated governments

Dueling ITCZs

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Inspired by a comment about modeled rainfall by Dr. Richard Betts over in the Twitterverse, I decided today to look at how well the climate…

Ross McKitrick: The important climate study you won’t hear about

…the atmosphere has warmed at half the average rate predicted by climate models over the same period.

More on Cloud Reduction.  CO2 is innocent but Clouds are guilty.

Statistical uncertainty in the CERES and Cloud data seem to retard acceptance of alternative GW theories.

Claim: Deep ocean currents around Antarctica headed for collapse, study finds

“We are talking about the possible long-term extinction of an iconic water mass,” says Prof England.

Claim: Arctic Climate Modelling Too Conservative

[It’s been a while since we’ve had a good “It’s Worse Than We Thought” story~cr] UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURG Climate models used by the UN’s IPCC and others to project climate…

The Models Are OK, the Predictions Are Wrong | Dr. Judith Curry | EP 329

Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Judith Curry discuss climate change, the major error in current models and future predictions, academic fraud, and the need for dissenting opinions.

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