“Environmental Justice” $ub$umes Everything

This document just released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency takes the cake.

Britain’s Net Zero Disaster and the Wind Power Scam

… foundations of sand – naïve optimism reinforced by enthusiastic lobbying divorced from engineering reality.

Junk Science Alert: Met Office Set to Ditch Actual Temperature Data in Favour of Model Predictions

…using this highly politicised method would indicate that reality is rapidly departing from the Met Office station.

Biden Admin’s Latest Subsidy Proposal May Undercut Its Own Green Energy Agenda

From The Daily Caller NICK POPECONTRIBUTOR The Biden administration proposed eligibility rules for hydrogen industry subsidies Friday, but some conditions may ultimately stymie innovation and production of the technology, Bloomberg…

Federal Judge Sides with Osage Nation, Orders Removal Of 84 Wind Turbines

The tribe’s fight against Rome-based Enel began in 2011 and is the longest-running legal battle over wind energy in American history.

Christmas Gifts: The Newest Target of Climate Activists

Now we have another joy of life that progressives are targeting in the name of combating global warming: Christmas gifts.

The Cult of Darkness

From MasterResource By Edward Hudgins — December 22, 2023 “Energy is not for conserving; it is for unleashing to serve us, to make our lives better, to allow us to…

Old King Coal at COP28: Uninvited Guest or Star of the Show?

By Tilak DoshiPeter A. Coclanis December 19, 2023 Last Friday, just two days after the Dubai COP28 meeting ended, a report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) stated that global…

Antarctic Sea Ice Volume Greater Than The Early 1980s

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood There was much scaremongering from the alarmist community when Antarctic sea ice extent fell earlier in the year. As…

SCOTUS Will Hear Challenge to One of EPA’s Most Stringent Proposed Climate Regs

If the Supreme Court takes up the case, its decision could ultimately end up being the second major ruling pertaining to the extent of EPA’s authority in the last several…

Authorities Raid Berlin-Based Radical Leftist Group “Zora”… Leader Tied To “Fridays For Future”

On its website, the Zora group describes itself as an “independent, anti-capitalist organization for young women.”

A Three-University Conspiracy? (Or eight billion supporting fossil fuels)

From MasterResource By Robert Bradley Jr. — December 21, 2023 “This conspiracy theorist needs to check his simplistic, authoritarian, emotional views. Eight billion consumers desiring the most affordable, reliable, plentiful…

Emails Show Biden Admin Coordinating with Enviro Group That’s Suing Them

These emails certainly raise suspicions that there is some inappropriate conduct by the DOJ lawyer,

Scottish battery factory goes bust in fresh blow to UK’s net zero industry

Eventually they might work out that you cannot create jobs by government diktat!

A Thought Experiment; Simplifying the Climate Riddle.

Is it possible to simplify the climate sensitivity debate?

Happy End: Chile Will No Longer Have A Climate Constitution… For Now

Against all odds, Chile was once again saved from having a new Constitution (12/17/23) soaked with progressist footprints and DNA of the UN’s ‘Agenda 2030’ that also included a climate…

Reason is Right, There is No ‘Climate Cliff’

“it is good, although not surprising, news that when the world passes through the 1.5 C target, it will not be plunging to its death over a climate cliff.”

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #580

“I apologize for writing such a long letter, but I didn’t have time to write a short one.” – Mark Twain

ICEBREAKER Wind Dead: Great Lakes Alive

…now Icebreaker faces the somewhat predictable lack of financial and environmental viability, no matter which way you slice it.

Time to Bring Nuclear Energy Into the 21st Century

The silver lining of this month’s United Nations COP28 global warming conference is the growing consensus that nuclear energy is critical to meeting national carbon dioxide reduction goals.

Climate attribution method overstates “fingerprints” of external forcing

Which means that the past 20 years worth of “signal detection” claims are likely meaningless unless steps were taken in the original articles to prove the suitability of TLS or…

Churchill end-of-season problem polar bear reports finally published

From Polar Bear Science Susan Crockford Today the Town of Churchill finally published the final problem bear reports of the season, which presents an opportunity to do a quick comparison to…

Climate Advocacy: Incompetence Versus Intentional Fraud — Lazard Edition

The Lazard LCOE Reports are famous for their repeated conclusion that wind turbines and solar panels have become the cheapest sources for generation of electricity.

Emergency in China as temperatures hit lowest levels ever

China’s president Xi Jinping called for an “all-out” emergency response to the cold snap that began at the start of the week.

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