Federal Judge Sides with Osage Nation, Orders Removal Of 84 Wind Turbines

The tribe’s fight against Rome-based Enel began in 2011 and is the longest-running legal battle over wind energy in American history.

ICEBREAKER Wind Dead: Great Lakes Alive

…now Icebreaker faces the somewhat predictable lack of financial and environmental viability, no matter which way you slice it.

Climate Advocacy: Incompetence Versus Intentional Fraud — Lazard Edition

The Lazard LCOE Reports are famous for their repeated conclusion that wind turbines and solar panels have become the cheapest sources for generation of electricity.

100-Year-Old Union-Backed Law Among Snags Derailing Biden’s Green Energy Agenda

The Jones Act requires that American-made and staffed ships carry wind turbine parts to offshore farm sites, according to the WSJ.

Has Australia’s Nuclear Debate Killed Renewable Energy Investment?

Expectations that the next Aussie administration will back nuclear over renewables appears to have wrecked attempts to attract private renewable investment.

The California Sun is Setting on Exorbitant Rooftop Solar Subsidies

Solar Net Energy Metering in California: From Rosy Inception to Rocky Realities

Energy Density and Micron

The development of Micron within the Climate Act framework will be a good test of pragmatic environmentalism. 

The Case Against Offshore Wind

It might come in handy if anybody else wishes to grill their MP!

Another Critical Thinker Reaches The Obvious Conclusion: Intermittent Renewables Can’t Work On Their Own

Most of the reviewed papers assumed that solar and wind will be always supplemented by some form of “firm generation capacity”, which is the obfuscated name of using fossil fuels…

Ellenbogen: New York State’s Energy Transition

Richard Ellenbogen recently gave an important presentation on New York State’s Energy Transition that details his concerns with the net -zero mandate of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA).  I…

NAS study raises concern over offshore wind harming endangered whales

The proper course of action is to put this research ahead of any more offshore wind construction, not after it.

The Green Energy Wall Gradually Coming Into Focus

The best thing to end the wind/solar craziness will be to have one or two jurisdictions fail spectacularly as a lesson to everyone else. I wouldn’t have wanted my own…

Aussie Government Admits it is Failing to Meet Climate Commitments

Promises to double down on useless renewables.

Offshore Wind cannot be justified

From CFACT David Wojick Paul Driessen and I just finished a study on the impact of offshore wind developments on CO2 emissions, since emission reduction is their primary justification. Turns…

Offshore Wind Costs

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood https://renews.biz/89521/uk-hikes-offshore-wind-cfd-price-cap-by-66/ Following the news that offshore wind prices will rise to over £100/MWh in the next round of CfDs,…

Solar Power Auction Prices Raised By 30%

£61/MWh works out at about £85/MWh, which gives the lie to repeated claims of just how cheap solar power is.

How China Dominates the World – And Lies about Climate Commitment

Leftist think tanks rationalising China’s dash for coal as a bureaucratic hiccup.

Europe’s Largest Wind Farm Facing Bankruptcy

In other words, the wind farm is obliged to pay the costs of its own intermittency. And, of course, when wind power is low, spot market prices rise.

The Intermittency Problem with Wind Power Generation in Great Britain

The need for backup – mainly from gas-fired power stations – is illustrated by the daily figures.

CFACT Blasts Fed’s “Floating Wind” Fantasy

…this silly game is being played around the world. Several countries have launched similarly speculative large-scale floating wind projects, and many more are talking about it.

The Great Green Crash – Solar Down 40%

When climate advocates say “Net Zero”, are they actually referring to how much cash green investors will have left when the last bubble bursts?

Orsted Mulling Private Power Deals for Hornsea

Despite Orsted’s protestations, there is an increasing likelihood that they will pull the plug on Hornsea.

Shell Pulls Out of US Offshore Wind Farm Contract

Shell’s finance chief said on Thursday the firm had exited a power purchase agreement (PPA) for the planned SouthCoast windfarm off the coast of Massachusetts, agreeing to pay a penalty…

Court Blocks Pennsylvania from Joining RGGI

…we reaffirm our determination in this regard, and now hold that the Rulemaking constitutes a tax that has been imposed by (Department of Environmental Protection) and (Environmental Quality Board) in…

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