Britain’s Net Zero Disaster and the Wind Power Scam

… foundations of sand – naïve optimism reinforced by enthusiastic lobbying divorced from engineering reality.

Net Zero’s dirty secret: Britain’s green transition is powered by Chinese coal

 New Statesman analysis of climate and trade data exposes how much the UK’s net-zero agenda depends on cheap foreign coal power, particularly from China.

NETZERO is impeding progress on UN Sustainable Development Goals

There’s no such thing as a low energy, rich country.

Turning Food into Jet Fuel

One of the absolutely nuttier ideas to come out of the climate change / anti-fossil fuels mania of modern times comes from the international airlines business.  They are being pushed…

The Green Energy Wall Gradually Coming Into Focus

The best thing to end the wind/solar craziness will be to have one or two jurisdictions fail spectacularly as a lesson to everyone else. I wouldn’t have wanted my own…

How Green Billionaires Groom the Public into Accepting Unworkable Net Zero Policies

the best that can be said about this urgent policymaking is that it got ahead of the science, which was only thinly related to the facts”

Net-Zero Targets: Sustainable Future or CO2 Obsession Driven Dead-end?

Only nuclear energy is a viable “stock limited” resource where the stocks are much larger than the jack pot from fossil fuels.

Czech Physicist: Claims Net Zero Would Be Cheap And Easy Are “Completely Insane”

The real battle is against lunatics

New York City Zero Emission Vehicle Fleet Legislation

As far as I can tell this legislation only provides street cred for politician target constituencies and does nothing but get in the way of the people who are trying…

Virginia – Don’t Follow Net-Zero Lemmings Over the Energy Cliff

States that link climate and energy policies to California and ‘climate crisis’ will pay high price

Seven Million Smart Meters Need to Be Upgraded

Our inquiry has found that consumers’ enthusiasm for adopting one has been understandably harmed by recent shocking reports of forced installations.”

MATT RIDLEY: The official true cost of net zero is the same as spending £1 a SECOND for the next 31,000 years!

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT The truth is out. An official report has admitted for the first time the scale of the cost of reaching net zero…

Keeping You Up to Date On New York’s Progress Toward Green Energy Utopia

You’re going to have to hold a new auction. And the prices that will be bid will be as high or higher than those just demanded by these developers.

Net Zero Ambitions: Sinking in a Sea of Reality?

Investor Confidence Wanes in Renewable Energy

Michael Kelly: The green energy Net Zero plan will require a command economy

So the real cost of net-zero, or more likely of trying and failing to achieve it, would be similar to – or even more than – total projected US government…

New United Nations Report Signals Need for Mud and Grass Huts by 2050

Net Zero mandates the dismantling of modern industrial society and the discarding of many of the essentials of modern comfortable living.

Great Travel Reset: Poll: 41% of French population favors restricting EVERYONE to ONLY 4 airplane flights in their ENTIRE LIFE to ‘fight against global warming’

A CSA & HERE study reveals that 64% of French individuals, aged 18 and above, endorse reducing airplane usage due to environmental concerns. Notably, 41% support climate change expert Jean-Marc…

The AI Revolution Is Bad News for Net Zero

Driven by the expansion of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the need for economic growth in developing countries, there is zero chance that Net Zero will be achieved…

Public Anger at The Hidden Costs of Net Zero Energy Policies

I urge politicians in Holyrood and Westminster to suspend all new large-scale wind and solar developments and grid expansions until a comprehensive analysis and report on the real environmental and…

UK Telegraph: The French plan to save the planet? Stop poorer people flying – Seeking ‘a minimum price for airfares within the EU in a bid to reduce the number of flights’ to reduce CO2 emissions

With a bit of luck, Paris’s half-cooked idea will also fail and EU governments will, instead, begin to put new technology, not higher fares, at the top of their environmental…

Giant Utility Rejects Net Zero Power, Big Fight Follows

Dominion is saying they don’t think we can service this enormous new load and comply with the VCEA net zero mandate.

Property Owners Who Don’t Comply with New Energy Rules May Face Prison

“The ones we’ve found most offensive are where a business owner could face a year in prison for not having the right energy performance certificate or type of building certification.”

The Electric Car Debacle Shows the Top-Down Economics of Net Zero Don’t Add Up

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood h/t Paul Kolk Blimey!! Ben Marlow has finally seen the light! Sadiq Khan’s controversial Ultra-Low Emissions Zone scheme for…

Net Zero is condemning more Brits to energy poverty-Ross Clark

Many customers face being priced out of the electricity market altogether when supply of renewables is weak.

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