Is Consumer Rejection of EVs behind the Lithium Crash?

Lithium prices are down lately, and EV manufacturers, the major users of Lithium, have recently announced substantial cuts to production. So why are Lithium miners so optimistic?

Oslo’s E-Bus Fleet Could Use Some Warming…City Paralyzed as Buses “Break Down” Due To Cold

The buses were advertised to have a range of 250 km…but then reality hit!

California’s Electric Truck Mandate Conundrums

This EV truck mandate lacks conversations about the many conundrums associated with this mandate, i.e., the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about:

California Aims to Force Adoption of Electric Trucks, But 19 States Sue to Block

On November 3, 19 state attorneys general and several trucking organizations filed a brief in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to block ACF.

Electric Vehicles: Unveiling the Hidden Costs

…a Texas think tank says the true cost is the equivalent of USD$17.33 per gallon — or CAD$6.32 per litre — over the life of the car, after factoring in…

New York City Zero Emission Vehicle Fleet Legislation

As far as I can tell this legislation only provides street cred for politician target constituencies and does nothing but get in the way of the people who are trying…

New York City Goes Pedal to the Metal on Electric Vehicles.

…all heavy-duty vehicles purchased after 2028 to be zero emissions

Electric Van Maker On Verge Of Bankruptcy

Where have all the green jobs gone?

EV Energy Rationing Lite – “Monetary incentives could guide charging behaviours”

University of Melbourne explaining the velvet glove approach to EV charge time coercion.

Ford Admits Their Risky EV Gamble Hinges on Government Coercion

Who could possibly have predicted that the promises of politicians aren’t worth the paper they are written on?

Sydney Airport EV Fire Destroys 5 Vehicles

Should Electric Vehicles be banned from airports and ferries?

EV Charger RAGE: US Secretary of Energy Convoy Boxes Out a Young Family and Baby

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm’s 4 day EV celebration road trip backfired, after the Sheriff was called by a young family desperate to get their baby home.

Biden-backed electric vehicle company files for bankruptcy

Bay Area-based electric bus and battery maker Proterra filed for Chapter 11, with CEO Gareth Joyce citing “various market and macroeconomic headwinds that have impacted our ability to efficiently scale.”

Cobalt Carnage, Child Labor and Ecological Destruction

They labor ten to twelve hours a day in sweltering heat and toxic mud, water and dust, in enormous pits hundreds of feet deep – hacking at rocky walls and…

UK Government Report: The Automobile Industry Does Not Know How to Repair EV Batteries

Even minor accidents often lead to a £14,200 – £29,500 battery write-off.

Volkswagen: “Strong Customer Reluctance” in the Electric Vehicle Sector

Volkswagen is scaling back electric vehicle production, laying off contractors, but internal combustion vehicle production remains unchanged.

Electric Vehicles: Arthur Berman, Pedro Prieto, & Simon Michaux | Reality Roundtable #1

Are current EV initiatives taking a science-based systems approach towards this massive economic, environmental, and cultural shift or are they rooted in energy blindness?

CNN: E-Cruise Liners to Help Hit Net Zero

Sail and wind in place of big diesel engines. What could possibly go wrong?

Biden’s New Emissions Control Standards Prove EVs are a Tough Sell

Team Biden seems done with the carrot approach and is using a regulatory stick to force its all-EV future on Americans.

Ferrari Rejects Green Pressure to Phase Out Internal Combustion Engines

“… I don’t want to be arrogant and impose a choice on our client …”

The Auto Industry in Jonestown

Thus does EPA deviously announce its intention to force manufacturers to make, and consumers to buy, all or almost all electric vehicles.

A Heavy Dose of Reality for Electric-Truck Mandates

It’s not that we can’t overcome challenges, but we don’t overcome them by pretending they don’t exist

Ford F-150 Lightning Spectacular EV Fire

Another EV has joined the ranks of vehicles you probably shouldn’t park close to anything you care about.

Unfit for use? More EV Woes

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t curse these silly electric cars under my breath once or twice.”

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