A Three-University Conspiracy? (Or eight billion supporting fossil fuels)

From MasterResource By Robert Bradley Jr. — December 21, 2023 “This conspiracy theorist needs to check his simplistic, authoritarian, emotional views. Eight billion consumers desiring the most affordable, reliable, plentiful…

The Diplomat: The World is Ignoring Afghanistan’s Climate Investment Needs

According to The Diplomat, restarting climate finance for Afghanistan will help Afghan people and will also help moderate the brutality of the Taliban.

COP28: Were Small Nation Delegates Lured Away so a Deal could be Struck?

According to small nations delegates they were busy b̵a̵n̵g̵i̵n̵g̵ ̵h̵o̵o̵k̵e̵r̵s̵ finalising the details of their position, when a deal was struck while they were out of the room.

Claim: The Cuban Economy is a Model for Successful Green Degrowth

Green British academic pushing a non GDP measure of social progress which gives a high score to Cuba.

WaPo Clauser Climate Crisis Damage Control: “There is a skeptical streak in the physics community…”

All those high profile physicists denying the overwhelming consensus on climate change…

COP28 Comedy: Oil Consultants Accused of Being Big Oil Shills

The farce is strong with this climate conference.

Judge Interrupts Just Stop Oil Protestor’s Flight to India

Judge Michael Snow rejected a request to delay the trial so one of the protestors could fly to India.

COP28 Organisers Already Accused of Greenwashing

The COP website has a “low carbon” toggle which has been criticised as having minimal impact on the site energy usage.

News Flash: Prison is Hell! Now more so with Climate Change

From the “does anybody really give a damn” department comes another inane news release that I never bothered to finish reading. – Anthony Prisons vulnerable to natural disasters, but ill-prepared…

Claim: Wear Old Clothes to Reduce our Climate Impact

Preparing the peasants for our glorious green future.

Study: Climate Change Could Lead to Food Unrest in 50 Years

If only there was a way to preserve and stockpile of food, to help carry us through shortages.

“Refusing to fly has lost me my job as a climate researcher”

But apparently has not dampened your enthusiasm for playing white saviour.

Australian Feminists & Katharine Hayhoe Weep Over White Men Who Do Not Love “Climate Change”

“research has shown”—research!—“that climate denial is not exclusively but predominately a male-dominated area and it is usually older White men”.

Help! I Care More About Climate Change Than My Partner

How do Alarmists cope when their partner inconsiderately brings home a loaf of bread wrapped in plastic, despite a freezer is full of home made bread?

African Climate Summit Demands a Slice of All Western Movements of Goods or Money

But we should look on this demand as an investment opportunity.

Abandon Fossil Fuels, Empower China

Is the Biden Administration so deliberately naïve that it would turn US security over to China?

Last Generation Climate Hypocrites Glue Themselves to German Runways

Letzte Generation Climate hypocrites should try cutting back on their personal fossil fuel use, before they demand other people abandon fossil fuel.

More Nauseating Climate Grief from the Guardian

Another moan for a dying planet…

Climate Change Now Causes… Wait for it… Blindness!

I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon find out that climate change is also responsible for lost car keys and mismatched socks.

WEF: “We Need Moonshots” to Solve the Climate Crisis

More “proof” that renewables are the cheapest form of energy?

“If We’re Going to Act Like Insects, Let’s At Least Be Smart About It”

Can these principles really be applied to human architecture in a meaningful, scalable, and cost-effective manner?

‘Could we do with less ice?’: Scientific American touts climate-inspired ICE CUBE restrictions! Mag pushes end to ‘unsustainable’ ice cube practices & urges ‘Climate-friendly Cocktails’

First, they came for your energy, then your meat, car, dishwasher, 2 1/2 hour plane flights, then your pizza & now… YOUR ICE!

King Charles: Climate CATASTROPHE Countdown Clock with Sadiq Khan

Emptiness and Virtue Signaling all the way down.

NOAA Goes Full Orwell with Climate Propaganda Seminar

it is far more important to ensure the tactics used are not rooted in propaganda

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