Sahara Expert Says Desert Shrinking, Calls Alarmist Tipping Points “Complete Nonsense”

Climate tipping points are much more fantasy than science 

NASA’s Running a Mental Ward?! Kimberley Miner: ‘I’m a NASA Climate Scientist. Here’s How I’m Handling Climate Grief’

I already have five scientist friends with severe, emergent health challenges’

Earth Looks Like Jupiter–Is This What NASA Has Descended to?

It goes without saying that the Earth looks nothing like this at all.

Sea Level Is Rising – But So What?

Climate Central needs more than a fancy interactive map to make a convincing case sea level will change that drastically.

NASA’s InSight Waits Out Dust Storm

InSight’s team is taking steps to help the solar-powered lander continue operating for as long as possible.

Ten Years of Curiosity on Mars

Today marks 10 years since the Curiosity rover landed on Mars.

Ocean Atmosphere Response to Solar EMR at Top of the Atmosphere

How can climate models hope to reflect the real world when clouds are parameterised with no sensitivity to surface temperature?

50 Years of Landsat

We’re celebrating 50 years of the Landsat satellite, the first of which launched on July 23, 1972. The latest in the series, Landsat 9, launched in September 2021.

NASA Seeks Public’s Designs to Throw Shade in Space

To further this exploration, NASA is supporting the early-stage study of a concept for a hybrid observatory that would combine a ground-based telescope with a space-based starshade.

NASA Highlights Climate Research on Cargo Launch, Sets Coverage

NASA and SpaceX are targeting 8:44 p.m. EDT Thursday, July 14, to launch the agency’s next investigation to monitor climate change to the International Space Station.

Update on NASA’s TROPICS-1 Mission

With four satellites, TROPICS will still provide improved time-resolved observations of tropical cyclones compared to traditional observing methods.

NASA to Set Up Independent Study on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

The study will focus on identifying available data, how best to collect future data, and how NASA can use that data to move the scientific understanding of UAPs forward.

NASA to Launch 6 Small Satellites to Monitor, Study Tropical Cyclones

When launched, the TROPICS satellites will work together to provide near-hourly microwave observations of a storm’s precipitation, temperature, and humidity.

Climate Nuttiness: IPCC Scientist Peter Kalmus Unglued (‘Scientist Rebellion’ a dud)

The climate nuts hurt their cause as much or more than they help it. And their own words doom them to ridicule and irrelevance.

NASA to Highlight Climate Research on Cargo Launch, Sets TV Coverage

Flying aboard SpaceX’s 25th commercial resupply services mission to the orbital laboratory is NASA’s Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation (EMIT).

Geology from 50 Light-Years: Webb Gets Ready to Study Rocky Worlds

Another intriguing possibility, however, is that 55 Cancri e is not tidally locked. Instead, it may be like Mercury, rotating three times for every two orbits (what’s known as a…

Gravity Assist: How to Grow Food on the Moon

Space botanists are working on strategies to grow crops on the lunar surface, as NASA makes strides toward sending astronauts to the Moon through the Artemis program. A team of…

WUWT Contest Runner Up, Professional: NASA Knew Better #NASA_Knew

The minor incremental static warming effect from slowly increasing concentrations of GHGs is readily overwhelmed by the performance of the heat engine. 

Sea Ice Can Control Antarctic Ice Sheet Stability, New Research Finds

Peer-Reviewed Publication UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE Despite the rapid melting of ice in many parts of Antarctica during the second half of the 20th century, researchers have found that the floating ice…

NASA Goddard Scientists Begin Studying 50-year-old Frozen Apollo 17 Samples

For Elsila, “it’s very cool to think about all the work that went into collecting the samples on the Moon and then all the forethought and care that went into…

A View of the Red Planet (in Blue)

A key objective for Perseverance’s mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Measures Intriguing Carbon Signature on Mars

From NASA After analyzing powdered rock samples collected from the surface of Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover, scientists today announced that several of the samples are rich in a type…

2021 Tied for 6th Warmest Year in Continued Trend, NASA Analysis Shows (Claims)

Earth’s global average surface temperature in 2021 tied with 2018 as the sixth warmest on record, according to independent analyses done by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration…

Sunshield Successfully Deploys on NASA’s Next Flagship Telescope

On Jan. 4, 2022, engineers successfully completed the deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope’s sunshield, seen here during its final deployment test on Earth in December 2020 at Northrop…

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