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Dilbert (Scott Adams) captures the moment.

CLIMATE DATA REFUTES CRISIS NARRATIVE: ‘If you concede the science, & only challenge the policies…You’re going to lose’

If you concede the science, and only challenge the policies that a biased and politicized scientific narrative is being used to justify, you’re already playing defense in your own red…

Climate Free for All on GB News

Climate Scientist Paul Burgess clashes with Meteorologist & Social Commentator Jim Dale over the statistics when it comes to climate change and whether human CO2 emissions are the primary driver…

ClimateTV – URBAN HEAT ISLAND EFFECT – Dramatic New Findings! 

The Urban Heat Island effect (UHI) has been known for decades, but it is routinely dismissed by climate advocates as being either insignificant or “we adjust for it” when they…

Americans’ Beliefs on Climate Change Causes Shift: Survey Insights

For independents, the decline was even steeper: from 61% in 2018 to 42% in 2023.

Open peer review – Green energy and economic fabulism

Green energy and economic fabulism: The mirage of subsidy-propelled economic growth and employment.

Upcoming Debate: Pielke Jr., and Koonin on ‘Net Zero by 2050’

Steamboat Institute is proud to present a compelling debate on the following question: Is ‘Net Zero by 2050’ both achievable and necessary to address climate change?

NCAR Study: Otis Rapid Hurricane Intensification was Not Driven by Climate Change

Forecasting these “rapid intensification” events is a challenge, in part because we do not fully understand the science behind rapid intensification.’

Sacramento Bee Won’t Attribute Mild Wildfire Season to Climate Change, Falsely Claims the Inverse

The best explanations then for regional upticks in fires are differences in forest management practices, arson, as well as improper maintenance of power lines in the case of California, or combinations of factors that…

Correct, WBUR, Many Climate Scientists Don’t Tell the Truth

An October 3, 2023 opinion piece by Barbara Moran at the WBUR (Boston) website has the headline “Many scientists don’t want to tell the truth about climate change. Here’s why.”…

Truth and Science: A Nobel Laureate’s Advice to Students

By Ron Barmby Dr. John Clauser is an experimental physicist of the highest order. His 2022 Nobel Prize in physics is enough to make him one of the preeminent scientists…

Spencer and Christy’s new climate sensitivity paper has been published – and its LOWER.

From Dr. Roy Spencer: If we assume ALL *observed* warming of the deep oceans and land since 1970 has been due to humans, we get an effective climate sensitivity to…

Energy Density is the Answer (Amy Westervelt, DRILLED vs. the public)

Amy is perplexed and angry at a world that does not share her concerns…

German Scientists: Global Warming A “Corrupt”, Fear-Mongering Scheme “Headed By Super-Rich”

We need an uprising of the decent against this fraudulent business model of alleged climate rescue.

Climate Change Now Causes… Wait for it… Blindness!

I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon find out that climate change is also responsible for lost car keys and mismatched socks.

Freedom, Climate, and the Illusion of Urgency

This Independence Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate the progress we’ve made, the beautiful planet we live on, and the power we have to shape our future.

King Charles: Climate CATASTROPHE Countdown Clock with Sadiq Khan

Emptiness and Virtue Signaling all the way down.

The South African Energy Crisis: A Battle between Power Needs and Environmentalists

…the vehement objections from environmental groups continue to cause gridlock driving the South African economy into a ditch.

Neil Oliver: There’s nothing green about the green agenda…just plain old greed!

Neil Oliver: There’s nothing green about the green agenda…just plain old greed!

Monday Mirthiness: Wow So Much Climate Change in Five Years

This will bring out the fact checkers

Democrat Rep. Claims Climate Change is Root Cause of Illegal Immigration

RealAmericasVoice LOL: Democrat Representative Pete Aguilar claims CLIMATE CHANGE is the root cause of illegal immigration. 🤣🤣🤣#BorderInvasion #title42 #BidenBorderCrisis #bordercrisis @RealMirandaKhan @RealDrGina @AgueroForTexas

Patrick Moore Discusses Climate Change Manufactured Crisis

Biden Administration Wants Climate-Friendly U.S. Military

How the Disinformation Industrial Complex is destroying trust in science

If everything is an existential threat and words are violence, real violence can seem more and more to be justified.

The Broken Science Initiative with guest, William Briggs

Academy for Science and Freedom presents: The Broken Science Initiative with guest, William Briggs.

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