ClimateTV – URBAN HEAT ISLAND EFFECT – Dramatic New Findings! 

The Urban Heat Island effect (UHI) has been known for decades, but it is routinely dismissed by climate advocates as being either insignificant or “we adjust for it” when they…

Spencer and Christy’s new climate sensitivity paper has been published – and its LOWER.

From Dr. Roy Spencer: If we assume ALL *observed* warming of the deep oceans and land since 1970 has been due to humans, we get an effective climate sensitivity to…

German Scientists: Global Warming A “Corrupt”, Fear-Mongering Scheme “Headed By Super-Rich”

We need an uprising of the decent against this fraudulent business model of alleged climate rescue.

‘Global Warming Has Begun, Expert Tells Senate’ (1988 exaggerations vs. today)

Today, 35 years later, the recorded increase is 1F and 4 inches.

Germany’s Costly Energy Conundrum: Poor Planning and Bad Choices, 1 Trillion Dollars Needed.

Germany’s $1 trillion energy challenge serves as a stark reminder of the consequences that poor planning can have on a nation’s energy future.

For Earth Day, the 1983 WGBH Episode of NOVA: The Climate Crisis, The Greenhouse Effect

An hour of hilarious bad predictions and alarmism for Earth Day.

Abate CO2 emissions to cut global warming? Good luck with that!

it is evident that wind and solar on their own are not going to be capable of getting the United States, or the world, to net zero.

Climate Embarrassment: Anthropogenic Climate Change is a Hoax but Global Warming is Real

Humanity needs to improve intellectually or we will never achieve the best of our imagination.

Solar Sensitivity

Once the average available solar power is above 310W/m2, you can add up to an additional 50 W/m2 without increasing the surface temperature one bit.

Global Warming Spawned the Age of Reptiles

Harvard researchers find rapid evolution of reptiles was triggered by nearly 60 million years of global warming and climate change

Claim: Coastal Glacier Retreat Linked to Climate Change

but exactly what’s triggering the large-scale retreat has been difficult to pin down because of natural fluctuations in the glaciers’ surroundings.

Climate Change Weekly #439: Hurricanes Not Increasing, Despite Warming

Even the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change acknowledges it has detected no trend of increasing frequency or severity of tropical cyclones and has no evidence human greenhouse gas emissions…

Claim: Climate Change is Making US Classrooms Too Hot

Apparently in the South schools are fitted with air conditioning, but in Philadelphia and Baltimore schools cannot afford a bit of insulation and some air conditioners.

Climate Misanthropes Say Fighting Climate Change is More important than Food, Reliable Energy, and Peace

Peoples around the world face many more immediate, pressing, and deadly problems than climate change. That is an indisputable fact. It’s immoral and inhumane for the media to keep giving…

Interpreting extreme climate impacts from large ensemble simulations—are they unseen or unrealistic?

Consequently, conventional evaluation and correction methods cannot determine whether simulations outside observed variability are correct for the right physical reasons.

Methane Causes Half Of Global Warming–IPCC

An IPCC study last year suggested that 30-50% of the current rise in temperatures is down to methane.

The Colorado Wildfire and Global Warming: Is there a Connection?

There is no reason to expect this downslope windstorm was the result of global warming, enhanced by global warming, or made more frequent by global warming.  In fact, the opposite…

Study: Ancient Fish Thrived During PETM Extreme Global Warming

The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), a period of extremely rapid global warming which occurred 10 million years after the demise of the dinosaurs, was supposed to have been an ocean catastrophe.…

Recent Tornadoes are Due to Unusually Cold Weather

To claim that global warming is causing more tornadoes is worse than speculative; it is directly opposite to the clear observational evidence.

Business Insider: ‘Electric Vehicles Won’t Save Us — We Need to Get Rid of Cars Completely’

Reposted from Climate Depot Paris Marx writing in Business Insider: “Making transit available within a 10-minute walk of people’s homes would not only encourage its use and create tens of…

Maine Researchers Breeding a Global Warming Resistant Potato

Researchers in Maine have expressed concern that if they experience a few degrees of global warming, they will no longer be able to grow potatoes. But given Maine potato varieties…

Gizmodo: The Plague Is More Likely Now Thanks to Climate Change

A new study suggests that climate change is increasing the risk of humans contracting the plague. But the risk factors identified, even if the study is right, seem entirely manageable.

A Potted History of Glaciers

Reposted from NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT NOVEMBER 10, 2021 By Paul Homewood A friend recently suggested that “melting glaciers” must surely prove “global warming is true”. It…

REBUTTAL to Doctor Merritt: ‘Climate Change’ Does Not Affect Human Health, Weather Does

This story on WUWT last week was so absurd, I felt like it needed a strong rebuttal. A November 4th article in the Canadian newspaper, Victoria Times Colonist, reported, B.C.…

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